What clothes to wear inside the coat

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In autumn and winter, the coat is an essential warm clothing, and the coat is also divided into many types, such as woolen coat and cowboy coat, which are often worn by people. So what clothes to wear inside the coat will be more beautiful

what kind of clothes to wear inside the jacket

category I: denim jacket + round neck tight inside

first of all, we should refuse clothes with a sense of inflation in the fabric, as well as loose styles. We should also choose a tight knit inside. There is nothing wrong with the dust inside the denim jacket, but choosing the neckline and length of the inside will also affect the overall look. Choosing a round neck shirt is very simple as a whole, It is cumbersome to produce visual superposition if V comprehension

the second category: denim jacket + T-shirt

this is a versatile style. If you don’t know how to choose the inside, T-shirts are more suitable. They are fashionable and have their own youthful flavor. It’s also very good to wear shorts or A-line skirts on the lower body. The taller one can wear a long T-shirt, and the pants are directly omitted. The short denim jacket is the most versatile, especially for small girls. Press the T-shirt into the pants to create a tall effect in an instant

the third category: windbreaker + T-shirt + short skirt (windbreaker + dress)

windbreaker is also the most common coat in spring, because it can not only show temperament, but also show the superiority of slender body. Small people can choose a long windbreaker with a short skirt, so the length comparison can show that they are thin and tall. If you are tall, you can try a long skirt to show your “ankles”. Remember, this can make the whole look very slim. In addition, the simple and clean shoes should not be too excellent

what is the best fabric for the jacket

1. Polypropylene:

in terms of the choice of sportswear materials, many people think that pure cotton clothes are comfortable and sweat-absorbing, but in fact, it is more appropriate to choose polypropylene materials with relatively good air permeability

2. Pure cotton fabric:

cotton fabric will retain a little moisture after washing and drying, which can prevent the generation of static electricity or sparks. Avoid wearing chemical fiber clothes with poor texture and easy to generate static electricity. If the outer garment fabric is chemical fiber fabric, it can be washed with antistatic detergent. When buying autumn and winter clothes, it is best to choose natural fabrics such as cotton

3. Linen:

is a kind of fabric made of hemp, flax, ramie, jute, sisal, banana and other hemp plant fibers. It is generally used to make casual clothes and work clothes. It has the advantages of high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction and good air permeability

4. Wool fabric:

has good resilience and good warmth retention. It has water absorption and can absorb water equivalent to one third of its weight. Wool has the effect of fire prevention and antistatic

what is the best fabric for overcoats

the key to choosing overcoats is the fabric. Different fabrics have different effects, and the overcoats suitable for making are also different. Different cashmere content will also lead to different quality, warmth retention and price. Therefore, it is often important to understand fabric gray! Woolen fabric refers to all kinds of wool and cashmere fabrics, which are generally made of animal hair fiber or artificial wool mixed with other fibers

according to different materials and manufacturing processes, it can be divided into worsted, woolen, plush and camel hair. Common woolen overcoats include cashmere overcoats, wool overcoats, alpaca overcoats, mohair overcoats, etc

1. Wool overcoat

wool overcoat is a very common fabric, which is cheaper than cashmere, and feels rough. The quality of wool coat depends on the wool content. The higher the wool content, the more warm and stylish, and the more guaranteed the quality

2. Alpaca wool coat

alpaca wool, also known as alpaca, is mixed in thickness and fine wool. On the whole, it is more soft than Mahai. The alpaca wool coat has better warmth retention than wool, cashmere and mohair, and can effectively resist solar radiation. Rich colors, not easy to be contaminated with dust and other highlights also make it gradually emerge in the fashion industry

3. Mohair coat

Mohair is Angora goat hair, with thick fiber, luster, small curl, and slightly worse quality than cotton wool. Mohair is not easy to wrinkle and warm, but it is not stiff and resistant to dirt. Therefore, it is easy to be fat if you choose slightly fat mm carefully

the denim jacket has a tight round neck inside. You can choose some large denim jackets, and then match them with some fine and tight inside clothes to show a thin effect. The denim jacket is matched with a T-shirt to reduce the age and is versatile

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