How to match the light color windbreaker

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Windbreaker is a very temperament clothing, which is more suitable for wearing in the cold season of autumn and winter. It can keep wind and warm. It is fashionable to wear. The light color windbreaker is the color most people like. So how to match the light color windbreaker.

How to match light color windbreaker

you can match different clothes according to different seasons. You can match with some plain colored clothes, or consider matching with simple long sleeved tops. You can also pair it with high necked sweaters of different colors. There are many ways to match light colored overcoats, which can be matched according to the usual style

light colored overcoat and sweater are more suitable for girls who like to wear casual style. Collocation with simple and elegant colors, such as white and beige, will make the whole look more harmonious. It can also be matched with bright colors. For example, the Blue Hoodie is also full of personality, which is suitable for cool girls

Light color trench coat with pants

collocation 1: gray pipe pants

pipe pants are very able to decorate the leg lines. The gray pipe pants have a foreign style and are very suitable for matching with trench coat. They are simple, generous and have a bit of professional style.

collocation 2: Khaki casual pants.

we usually wear more casual clothes. This Khaki casual pants is very versatile. It’s nice to wear a black trench coat, but it’s not recommended to wear Khaki trench coats because it’s easy to collide colors.

collocation 3: black leggings.

black leggings are very versatile and thin pants. They are suitable for any top. Of course, they are also suitable for windbreaker.

How to fold the windbreaker

1. First, turn the windbreaker upside down and lay it on the bed or desktop.

2. Fold the sleeves inwards from one-third of each side of the shoulders, and then fold the sleeves back to align with the two edges just folded.

3. Then fold it up about 30cm away from the bottom of the windbreaker and straighten it out.

4. Finally, divide the rest into equal parts and continue to fold, and fold it into a collectable size.

light color windbreaker can be matched with plain color sweater, simple long sleeve top or some old sweaters. The bottom can be matched with gray pipe pants, which can well modify the lines of legs. Khaki casual pants are also more versatile pants

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