What to wear under the overcoat

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It will be cold winter in an instant. I believe everyone must start to wear a variety of warm clothes. There are many types of overcoats, which makes it difficult to choose what to wear under the overcoat. So what is better to wear under the overcoat

What to match under the coat

Black tweed coat + straight jeans

practical and versatile straight jeans are also widely applicable. Whether they are pear shaped, slightly fat women or small people, they can easily control them, and can develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses with straight pants. It’s easy to wear a natural and unrestrained feeling with a black woolen coat, which makes you more outstanding in this autumn and winter! With the help of black boots, it looks amazing

Light colored woolen coat + knitted pants

it’s not difficult to be a woman with good clothes in autumn and winter. The light luxurious commuting woolen coat with a knitted pants is really beautiful and intellectual, very generous, and does not pick people at all. No matter how tall or short, fat or thin, you can properly control it, which is very light luxury. Moreover, the pants made of knitted fabrics have an excellent draping feeling, which will lengthen the leg lines. When paired with a light wool coat, they look high-grade and gentle

Camel fur coat + wide leg pants

Camel fur coat, this color is too elegant and temperament to wear, right? It is a popular color almost every year. It is very versatile and classic, but it is not very attractive. The style of bathrobe is designed, and the upper body immediately appears with the style of nature, which is very grand and noble. And you want to be fashionable and good-looking. It is the best choice to choose a high waist wide leg pants. Its loose version is the Savior of the full leg thick star people. It can not only decorate the imperfect leg shape, but also look very tall and thin if it is well matched

How to match middle and long clothes with bottoms

First: middle and long coats and jeans. A coat over the knee length, coupled with a pair of casual blue jeans, is fashionable, generous and very capable. Moreover, jeans are very common clothing, so that every girl can quickly match them in winter

Second: the medium and long overcoat is matched with shorts and boots. This is a very thin and long leg design. The medium and long over the knee overcoat can cover the thighs of meat and only expose the thin lines of the legs

Third: the medium length black coat and black leather pants are very handsome and capable. It is easy to create the image of a cool and handsome girl. In this way, there is a release of vitality in the low-key black, and it is also good to have a relaxed foreign style in taste

What is the best material for overcoats

Overcoats usually refer to wool overcoats: common overcoats include cashmere overcoats, wool overcoats, alpaca wool overcoats and mohair overcoats (which are actually the most common ordinary wool overcoats)

The above-mentioned animal wool is usually blended with polyester to weave into wool (the less the percentage of polyester, the more expensive). There is also a low-grade polyester cloth coat made of 100% polyester in the style of wool

The black woolen overcoat can be matched with straight jeans, which can be matched even if your body is not very good. You can use straight pants to develop your strengths and circumvent your weaknesses. The light woolen overcoat with knitted pants is thin and full of temperament

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