How to match the trench coat

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In autumn and winter, if you want to wear warm and fashionable, then the trench coat is what you must have. Many people don’t know how to match. Here are some ways to match the trench coat

How to match trench coat

Khaki trench coat + khaki slacks

trench coat with jeans is too common, and slacks are more novel. Khaki trench coat is a little difficult to control. A pair of casual pants with the same color system complement each other. Different shades of light and shade show a sense of hierarchy. The matching of cowboy shirts is also very handsome and generous

Beige windbreaker + tight pants

Beige stand collar epaulet windbreaker, very handsome. Wearing a brown shirt inside, it not only has no color conflict, but also integrates two temperament of elegance and frankness. With a pair of tight pants, it has a sense of street fashion, and the smart and smart atmosphere is also very perfect

color matching trench coat + loose pants

the large-area splicing of blue and black has a great visual beauty, and the integration of a little white is more novel. Pair it with black slacks for a natural look

Whether the windbreaker can be washed by the washing machine

depends on the material

leather windbreaker: do not wash windbreakers made of leather in the washing machine, because leather is not suitable for water. If you get wet, mold will grow. In addition, the leather will rub the parts in the washing machine, and it is easy to wear, so be careful when washing

comprehensive windbreaker: windbreaker made of cotton and linen is suitable for washing in washing machine. When washing, add water and non bleached washing powder, and then wrap the clothes that need to be separated with a clothes net. Choose weak speed washing. It is recommended to add detergent on the surface of the clothes according to the dirt condition to make the cleaning effect better

woolen windbreaker: the Korean version of woolen windbreaker is very popular. If you use it at home, you should use squeeze cleaning to clean it. It is best not to squeeze it with brute force, otherwise the clothes may be damaged

What to do if the windbreaker is wrinkled after machine washing

1 The best way to wrinkle clothes is to use an iron and place it on the ironing board. If you do not have an iron, read on

2. The clothes in the suitcase wrinkled during the business trip. Immerse them in water and hang them to dry. Folds will naturally disappear. If conditions do not permit, stretch and hang by hand all night to extend it

3. Under the mattress, the lazy man’s wrinkle removal method is the first. Put it under the mattress before going to bed. When you wake up, the clothes will fit you very well. They are absolutely green

4. The clothes are wrinkled. If you want to hurry, you can use a large flat bottom cup (preferably a metal cup). It has good thermal conductivity and can be used like an iron

Khaki trench coat can be matched with khaki loose pants. Khaki trench coat is a versatile dress. Coupled with loose styles of the same color, it forms a more overall wearing method, which is more error free. Beige trench coat and tight pants can well highlight the figure

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