What to wear inside the gray sweater

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the sweater is a very comfortable dress to wear in spring and autumn. Many people don’t know how to match it when wearing it. I don’t know what clothes to wear inside. Let’s talk about what to wear inside the gray sweater

what to wear inside the gray sweater

1, T-shirts. Whether men or women wear gray knitted cardigans, they are very suitable for wearing a T-shirt inside. Round neck and V-neck can be used. This kind of collocation is simple and practical, and it is basically versatile. However, the T-shirt color is recommended to choose black, of course, blue or white

2. Vest. If you want to be cool and simple, you can wear a vest with an inner lining. When it is matched with a gray knitted cardigan, it can appear very generous, and the figure is also more tall. Matching with the lower body of a short dress can also show the perfect curve of the figure

3. Shirt. If you like to wear a shirt inside, you’d better choose a check pattern or a striped shirt. However, it is generally recommended to use vertical stripes and gray cardigans to match, which will have a good effect on aging reduction, and the style is more playful and energetic

what color do gray knitted cardigans match with pants

the color of pants should consider not only the gray of knitted cardigans, but also the color of the lining. If the lining is white, the pants should choose black or blue. If the lining is blue, black is recommended instead of white or blue. In short, it is better to choose dark pants, because the gray of cardigan belongs to light color, so the lower body is not suitable to choose light color

what kind of skirt does a gray knitted cardigan look good with?

for people who like to wear skirts, knitted cardigans can also be matched with a variety of styles. For example, they can be matched with orange pink shirts, black short skirts, and off white lace jumpsuits. In addition, the matching effect of the black polka dot dress is also very prominent. If you want to be naive, lovely and sweet, you can choose the yellow dress

a T-shirt is built inside the gray sweater. The round neck and V-neck are OK. If the color is black and white, it will be better. If you want to be cool and simple, you can wear a vest inside. When it is paired with the gray knitted cardigan, it can look very generous

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