[Fat Mm Swimsuit] How Do Fat Girls Choose Swimsuits? What Swimsuits Do Fat Mm Wear To Look Thin

Introduction summer swimming is undoubtedly the best choice, and beauties will not miss this good opportunity to show their body in swimsuits. However, this happy time seems a little out of reach for fat mm. In fact, there are still ways to swim happily. So how do fat girls choose swimsuits? What swimsuits do fat mm wear to look thin? Don’t envy, envy and hate any more. Follow Xiaobian to learn new postures and see what kind of swimsuit fat mm wears. Basics

  • the body of fat mm is not suitable for the conventional swimsuits , so it is necessary to play with caution in style. If you are overweight, you can choose a dark monochrome swimsuit. The style should be simple and smooth. The swimsuit style should be A-shape. The right print pattern will make your body look more symmetrical. The three piece swimsuit gives you more room to play

  • A-shaped swimsuit A-shaped swimsuit is the gospel of fat girls. It has successfully diverted others’ attention and focused others’ attention on their own breasts, which properly blocks the belly fat. The loose skirt will also make the thick waist and fat hips less obvious
  • floral skirt style “the flowers are becoming more and more attractive” this kind of swimsuit can divert people’s attention because of the broken flowers, rather than simply looking at their body shape. Broken flower swimsuits have a lively youthful atmosphere, which is very suitable for fat girls with passionate personality
  • conservative swimsuits conservative swimsuits are for conservative girls, who don’t like to show too much of their skin. Fat girls can also use this kind of swimsuit to cover their dissatisfied figure, which can play a good “hidden” effect
  • three piece swimsuit the three piece swimsuit can give fat MM people more space to play. The combination of broken flower patterns and the color of flowers and green leaves has the effect of covering the flesh and diverting the eyes, so that fat girls won’t look fat. The Hoodie can give more choices to bikinis

advanced chapter

  • let’s face the reality. As the saying goes, “a headache cures the head, and a foot hurts the foot.” Some people are not fat all over the body, but have annoying meat in some parts. For these different parts, Xiaobian has prepared different swimwear shopping strategies for you, so that you can sublimate from a popular basic dress to a swimwear beauty who is not inferior to other beauties

  • the legs are too thick – women with thick legs like players in high fork swimsuits may as well wear some high fork cut swimsuits. Although this will fully reveal the legs, it will visually make the legs appear longer and make the lines more aesthetic
  • oversized chest – one piece + horizontal lines for women with full breasts, they always feel uncomfortable wearing swimsuits and are often afraid of going naked. Consider the one-piece swimsuit, which can not only lengthen the lines of the body, but also reduce the chance of light loss. The horizontal pattern can make the circumference appear flat, and the combination of the two can make the lines more uniform and natural< b>
  • the waist is too thick — different colors of the upper and lower body for women with thick waist and lack of lines, no matter wearing any swimsuit, they can play the effect of narrowing the waist lines by knowing the matching of colors. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower body is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite
  • big buttocks – flat angle, short skirt + exaggerated pattern. If the buttocks are full, you should choose flat foot or short skirt swimsuits, and the upper body is equipped with exaggerated patterns, which can effectively cover the fat buttocks. Because exaggerated patterns can divert attention, while shorts or short skirts can effectively cover the plump hips and play a decorative effect
  • dressing is always a big headache for fat MM people, not to mention swimsuits with less cloth. While losing weight, we are not going to give up fighting. It is very important to choose a good swimsuit. The selection of fat mm swimsuit can start from the aspects of color, style and pattern, try to highlight their own physical advantages, and hide their dissatisfaction, then your swimsuit will be a success

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