What Kind Of Pants Do Short Women’S Windbreaker Match? Good Short Women’S Windbreaker Common Matching Style

Abstract: windbreaker is a kind of light and thin windproof coat, which is suitable for going out in spring, autumn and winter. The short windbreaker has a different matching effect from the long windbreaker. The short windbreaker can be matched with jeans, corset Harun pants, summer shorts, leggings, plaid skirt and bud skirt. Different matching methods can show different matching styles, such as fresh and sweet, mature and sexy, etc. next, let’s learn about it with Xiaobian< p> what pants should a short women’s windbreaker match

1. Short work clothes windbreaker + jeans

You can choose to wear T-shirt + cropped jeans + short boots, which will make you very fresh and beautiful, highlighting the youthful vitality. Choose the mature and elegant Khaki trench coat without losing women’s aesthetic feeling. The slim design of classic double row buttons and belt can show women’s ability. You can tuck the T-shirt into the trouser head, improve the waistline and lengthen the leg lines. Wear small square bags and short boots to make the windbreaker more elegant and make you look exquisite

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2. Double breasted short windbreaker + legged Harem Pants

What should I do if I want to flirt with the Han in early spring? Sooner or later, there will be a big temperature difference. I want to show my charm in my skirt, but the climate is not suitable. If you don’t have a good choice at the moment, you might as well try a short windbreaker with legged Harem Pants. The double breasted trench coat is both handsome and romantic. With a low neck knit inside, it shows a beautiful upper circumference, and is taken care of by the legged Harlan pants and windbreaker. It is sexy and casual in the group

3. Loose hooded windbreaker + summer shorts or short skirt

The spring breeze is still blowing gently, and our hearts are rippling. In adolescence, we just want to indulge! Release our personality, this loose hooded trench coat just carries our atmosphere! Different from elegance, this is our youth style. Matching with summer shorts or short skirts can obviously lengthen the proportion of our lower body, giving you a visual sense of long legs. With a pair of small white shoes, the steady youth style is fresh and beautiful

4. Short white windbreaker + Leggings

Wearing a dark tight sweater and leggings inside and a short white windbreaker outside looks very good. If you add a dark or light wool hat, it will look more stylish. However, it should be noted that sweaters and leggings should be tight, and sweaters should be long enough to cover the lower body. If you can wear pants, you can wear tight dark jeans or casual pants, and shoes can wear snow boots

5. Short windbreaker + plaid skirt

Wearing plaid skirt and black thick pantyhose inside, and wearing short windbreaker and Black Sequin high-heeled boots outside, it looks very good. In this way, the collocation will not make the whole person look slimmer and taller

6. Short windbreaker + bud skirt

Wear a sweater and a bud skirt inside, and a lady windbreaker that can highlight elegant temperament outside. The length of the windbreaker should match the length of the skirt. If the windbreaker is short and the skirt is slightly longer, the inner circle of skirt corners will be exposed, which will have more lasting appeal. In addition, the color of windbreaker and skirt should also be well matched. Generally, the matching of the same color system will not be weird

common matching styles of short women’s windbreaker

1. Fresh and sweet

A classic style windbreaker, with a loose skirt and flat soled shoes full of rural flavor inside, gives a sweet new look of windbreaker

2. Mature and sexy

The secret of making the medium and long windbreaker look sexy is to wear it directly as a dress. You can choose a chic belt to tie around your waist. The elegant female lines are faintly revealed during walking, which makes people imaginative

3. Blurred neutral

The long windbreaker is matched with pants. The thin windbreaker with shirt style lines and loose pants create a neutral taste. The belt tied outside the windbreaker is the key to fashion, adding a layer to the whole dress

4. Handsome and capable

Short windbreaker with shorts, people with long legs must try to match short A-shaped windbreaker with shorts. They will visually shorten the proportion of the upper body, making people handsome and refined

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