How To Match Cufflinks On Different Occasions How To Choose The Cufflinks That Are Suitable For You

Abstract: for a man who stresses taste, cufflinks are the smallest decoration except for rings. Because most of them are made of precious metals, and some are inlaid with diamonds and gemstones, they have been wearing the aura of nobility since their birth. So do you know how to match this little cufflink? First of all, the collocation of Cufflinks should be based on the color. For example, because the crystal glass cufflinks are transparent, it is best to match them with white shirts; At the same time, cufflinks also need to be based on the occasion. If the occasion is solemn, do not wear your shiny cufflinks. Next, let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge of cufflinks< p> I. how to match Cufflinks

1. The color matching of Cufflinks and shirts is very important

(1) Crystal glass sleeve

Crystal glass cufflinks are best matched with white shirts because they are transparent

(2) Gold Cufflinks

The red shirt with gold cufflinks is gorgeous and sometimes fashionable. The pink shirt with dark twill and the purple cuffs with twill gold binding create a romantic French gentleman style. The horizontal shirt with golden cuffs has a vibrant feeling, adding a delicate and romantic feeling to the tense and serious style of your successful people. Blue shirt with gold cuffs has strong and convincing power

(3) Silver Cufflinks

Black, white and grey shirts with Silver Cufflinks have a calm and noble effect

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2. how to match cufflinks on different occasions

(1) Office occasions: white shirts with transparent color or dark blue Cufflinks and ties are recommended to use dark blue or black, which will produce a reliable feeling

(2) Competition occasion: dark blue thick straight stripe shirt with metal Cufflinks and tie are selected in dark color, which is easy to create convincing effect

(3) Party occasion: pink shirt with dark Cufflinks and Oxford diagonal stripe tie make people relaxed and casual

(4) Happy occasions: Pink shirts with metal Cufflinks and ties can make you more energetic by choosing pink and purple color columns

(5) Important occasions: grey shirt with Silver Cufflinks and bright silver monochrome tie have the effect of being calm and noble, and also have the benefit of image bonus

(6) In addition, the color of Cufflinks will be different in different weather. At this time, we should pay attention to the overall dress color of people. For example, if the weather is gloomy, you should wear some bright color cufflinks on your cuffs. This can drive the emotions of the people around you and relieve the tension in work and life

II. How to choose the Cufflinks that are suitable for you

1. Choose the Cufflinks that are consistent with the level of the dress and shirt you are wearing. The price of Cufflinks should be at least 800 yuan a pair. You can match the Cufflinks of any grade of dress and shirt you wear. For example, if you wear a suit worth 3000 yuan and a shirt worth 1500 yuan, you will be equipped with a pair of Cufflinks worth 3000 yuan

2. Choose Cufflinks according to the occasion you want to attend. What kind of Cufflinks do you wear when you attend meetings, banquets, dances, ceremonies, etc. Generally speaking, crystal cufflinks are used to attend meetings, diamond cufflinks are used for weddings, gold cufflinks are used for banquets and dances, platinum cufflinks are used for signing contracts, etc

3. Choose Cufflinks that match the color of your tie. Wear Cufflinks and consider the color of the tie. If you wear a gold tie, you should use gold Cufflinks; If you wear a blue tie, you need to use sapphire Cufflinks and so on

4. Try to be consistent with the style of belt buckle. The belt buckles tied by each person are different, including round belt buckles, square belt buckles, parallelogram belt buckles, etc. So, consistent with it, the Cufflinks you wear should also be consistent with the belt buckle as far as possible

5. Select the Cufflinks that match the material of the tie clip. Men’s necktie clips are made of different materials, including gold necktie clips, silver necktie clips, crystal necktie clips and Pearl necktie clips. So, when you wear cufflinks, you should consider keeping consistent with the tie clip

6. Choose Cufflinks according to your temperament, style and hobbies. Everyone’s temperament is different, and everyone’s style of doing things is also different. Therefore, when elite men wear cufflinks, they can fully refer to their temperament, style and hobbies, and try to give full play to their beautiful side

7. Refuse to choose Cufflinks that are different from the public aesthetic standards. When elite men choose cufflinks, of course, they cannot deviate from the public aesthetic standards. For example, men must choose men’s Cufflinks instead of ladies’ cufflinks, and such Cufflinks should be more gentlemanly

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