How To Match Men’S Neckties? Super Practical Neckties Purchase And Matching Skills Sharing

Striped tie: striped tie gives people a mature, stable and rational feeling, which is very suitable for wearing in formal business environment. Straight striped suit or shirt should avoid using vertical or horizontal stripe tie. Fine herringbone pattern with fine fabric and well-made suit makes the wearer more elegant, gentlemanly and rigorous, which is very suitable for matching with fashionable suit

Printed neckties: printed neckties have different colors, which can add vitality and elegance to solid color suits, especially dark color suits. For example, polka dots and floral ties are suitable for matching with solid and dark suits. They have a very good age reduction effect for middle-aged people over the age of 40. They can give the wearer a lively and friendly feeling and make the overall shape more colorful

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