Matching windbreaker in spring

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windbreaker is a kind of clothing that can be worn in other seasons except summer. Windbreaker has good warmth retention and shows temperament. Both boys and girls can wear it. So how to match windbreaker in spring

spring windbreaker matching

black windbreaker is very handsome and versatile. It is elegant and generous with a gray T-shirt and a wine red split skirt. Khaki windbreaker is one of the most commonly worn clothes in our daily life. It is fashionable, capable and foreign with a simple plaid shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans

can the windbreaker be washed?

general windbreakers can be washed, but they should not be washed often

1. The windbreaker is mainly made of cotton, with relatively large shrinkage; The lining composition is relatively complex, but mainly chemical fiber, with relatively small shrinkage. In case of water washing, it is worried that the abnormal shrinkage is inconsistent and deformation will occur

2. Windbreaker is generally coated with waterproof coating. If you wash the waterproof coating too much, it will gradually weaken the waterproof function. Even if you wash it in a bag, the above two points cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is better to dry clean. If dry cleaning is inconvenient for you, it is recommended that you use less detergent (including all washing powder, soap powder, detergent…) to reduce the damage of waterproof coating. Secondly, after washing and before drying, try to flatten and stretch the clothes everywhere to reduce deformation. Finally, it is recommended that you try to reduce the number of times of washing. In most cases, wipe with a damp hot towel or an iron on the damp hot towel

can the windbreaker be washed with water

1. When washing the windbreaker, soak the windbreaker in cold water for a while, and then put washing powder in warm water of 20 ¡æ ~ 30 ¡æ. Gently wash the windbreaker in the washing machine or gently rub it with your hands. Be careful not to use a washboard or twist it with force. The windbreaker will wrinkle and damage the waterproof of the windbreaker

2. Rinse with clean water after cleaning

3. Special windbreaker, such as waterproof and breathable stormsuit, is not suitable for machine washing. It is better to wash it by hand alone in cold water and use neutral detergent

the spring trench coat is matched with a gray T-shirt and a wine red split skirt, which is generally elegant and generous. Khaki trench coat is a color most people wear more, and can be matched with a pair of jeans, which is full of fashion temperament

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