[Men’S Dressing Skills] A Complete Set Of Dressing Skills For Men Of Various Shapes, Creating A Man’S Style In Minutes

Good figure is a woman’s lifelong pursuit. Although men are not so keen on figure, they also have high requirements for their own external image. Some people’s figure has been fixed and cannot be changed for the time being. It is better to change their clothes, learn how to dress, and be a real “handsome man” from the inside out! Let’s make up the following to let male stars tell us about the most complete body dressing skills in history, how to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, “wear” a good body and build a male style< Ul>

  • nowadays, most men are of this type of body shape. Their body shape is basically normal, but they have a little belly. People of this type of body shape have no obvious shortcomings in wearing clothes, but only pay attention to the length of their tops. It is best to choose a short style for their upper body, whether it is a suit or a windbreaker. Try a dark waistcoat with a shirt. The dark waistcoat can effectively tighten the excess meat in the waist and abdomen, and looks capable and handsome, Choose dark straight pants, avoid tight pants and loose wide leggings

  • tips:1. Avoid too relaxed attire, otherwise it will appear bloated< b> 2. It is better not to use the belt if it is not used well “< b> 3. Don’t put your pants on your navel, it will be very ugly
    • tomato shaped men have very round body parts. Relatively speaking, fat people always wear clothes with a feeling of exploding. In addition to having trouble dressing, medium length coats can well hide their stomachs. Remember that wide collars are the key! Wide collar can well decorate the face of others. Dark pants and black leather shoes are selected for the lower body to tighten visually

    • tips:1. Never wear a striped Road, and try not to wear a plaid shirt< b> 2. The collar is the “fig leaf”< b> 3. The dark color will last forever, and the black and blue will last forever< b> 4. The middle long coat hides the stomach
    • the inverted triangle shape with the golden proportion of body, also known as the cornflake shape, is basically not too ugly to wear. Of course, it is better not to wear it. As a man who “looks thin when dressed and has meat when undressed”, whether it is business or casual, he should highlight his body and match it well. The ruggedness of cowboys is very suitable for this kind of body shape. A cool cowboy suit coupled with Martin boots can set off your muscles

    • tips:1. Give full play to the advantages of muscular men< b> 2. Properly exposing meat is not a violation; Expose the forearm, calf, etc< b> 3. Avoid looseness and pay attention to image< b> 4. The ruggedness of jeans is very suitable
    • brick heads are tall and strong like basketball players. If they are too tall, they will have great limitations in choosing clothes. Always wear all kinds of sportswear or oversized foreign trade shirts. A round neck Pullover sweatshirt with rib waist and cuffs is very suitable for this kind of body. It can be well adjusted to the upper and lower body proportions with slim fitting jeans or casual pants

    • tips:1. Don’t use leisure as an excuse; Dress casually but not casually< b> 2. Sports wind prevails. Sporty wear sports style can also match with a good effect< b> 3. Pay attention to the appropriate collar type; Choosing round neck and heart neck can improve the neck and head< b> 4. Clean and concise collocation, without too much decoration
    • men of this size are slim, short and even thinner than girls. If you want to look good, you need to wear good clothes in addition to strengthening your exercise. The top with complicated printing can make your upper body look plump, keep your lower body simple, divert your attention, and match it with sports shoes with increased effect to make yourself look taller to the greatest extent. You can also choose some fashion accessories

    • tips:1. Skillfully use the thickness of the sole to wear higher shoes< b> 2. Hair style “increased outside”< b> 3. Complex printing and bold wearing< b> 4. Pay attention to accessories
    • big long legged Europa belongs to this type of body. The 1-meter-1 proud leg length and slim upper body are the focus of the crowd wherever they go. This type of person is fat, thin and well proportioned. He is tall and has no obvious muscles. He is a natural clothes shelf. Basically, nothing is too ugly to wear, but too casual will only waste these two long legs. So wear the high degree of difficulty Plaid narrow leg pants with the same color pieces and shirts to maximize the advantages of leg length

    • tips: 1. Wearing a white shirt is a technical skill< b> 2. Narrow legged trousers should be well controlled; Wear straight and infinitely long< b> 3. Keep in mind that “less is more”. Less but better can better highlight the advantages
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