What Kind Of Blouse Does A Girl Wear With A Cropped Pant? How Does A Man Wear A Cropped Pant With A Blouse

Abstract: as a fashion item often worn in summer, cropped pants are suitable for both men and women. In terms of wearing matching, there are many good matching between cropped pants and tops. If girls wear cropped pants, they are more suitable for matching with shirts, T-Shirts, suits, sleeveless shirts, Batman shirts, etc. while men’s cropped pants can be matched with short sleeves, polo shirts, shirts, etc. pay attention to the color matching between cropped pants and tops. Let’s take a look at how the cropped pants match the top< p> I. what kind of top does a girl wear with a pair of cropped pants

Summer is a very suitable season for wearing Capris. It is cool, comfortable and fashionable. Many girls wear Capris in summer. If you pay attention to the matching, it is very eye-catching when walking on the road. What kind of top should the Capris match

1. Shirt

It is more appropriate for girls to wear pants with a shirt. Tuck the front corner of the shirt in the waist to decorate a small waist. It is full of personality and casual. It is very suitable for shopping

2. T-shirt

The T-shirt belongs to the top of the versatile series, and it is also very nice to match it with the cropped pants. For example, wearing a striped T-shirt on the upper body, and then matching it with a white slim cropped pants, it looks very textured

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3. Suit coat

In fact, it’s OK to wear cropped pants with a casual suit jacket. This kind of wearing is a bit unique, but if you can control it, it will have a fashionable atmosphere

4. Sleeveless shirt

In hot summer, casual and cool clothes should be worn. The sleeveless shirt with cropped pants is cool and handsome, and can highlight the figure. It is more suitable for cool girls with good figure

5. Batman

The color contrast stitched Batman shirt is very suitable for matching with the cropped pants. It is simple and has no lack of design sense. Through the combination of colors, it can create a variety of different styles, making the overall wearing look fresh and fashionable

II. How to match men’s cropped pants with tops

Capris are suitable for both men and women in summer. For boys, the collocation of Capris in summer is also very particular. Here are some classic male Capris Collocations:

1. White printed cropped pants + Black stitched top

The loose and casual version of the white printed Capris has its own refreshing and comfortable feeling. The top is matched with the black splicing top. The combination of the versatile thin black and the printed Capris is handsome and stylish, and also makes the collocation of the whole style visually highlight the fashion

2. Off white cropped pants + blue striped shirt

The off white cropped pants do not choose skin color, which can shape the proportion of leg lines. The top with a very stylish blue striped shirt can highlight the casual temperament of modern men. It is comfortable, breathable and full of fashion

3. Cropped jeans + striped polo shirt

The jeans style cropped pants are mostly worn by boys in summer. The classic straight tube version, simple and casual design, combined with the striped polo shirt, creates a casual male style

4. Black cropped pants + black short sleeves

The same color department is a classic to wear, and black is a timeless color. The black cropped pants show a clean and generous temperament. With black short sleeves, the color of the whole group of items can be more fashionable

5. Denim cropped pants + Grey Stripe short sleeves

The simple and casual grey striped short sleeves, with just the right length and no skin color, are full of leisure feeling. A pair of cropped jeans create a feeling of vitality and strong personality

6. Grey cropped pants + white short sleeves

Grey cropped pants are very suitable for matching with versatile white. The minimalist color matches with white short sleeves, making them simple and handsome

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