Do The Cropped Trousers Show Short Legs? How Can The Cropped Trousers Show Long Legs

Abstract: as a summer fashion item, cropped pants are easy to appear short legs if they are not worn properly, because cropped pants will split the lower body and make the lower legs look shorter, especially for friends with thick legs and short stature. If you want to show leg length by wearing cropped pants, you can use some skills, such as color extension method, wearing a short jacket to shorten the length of the upper body, choosing a loose and tight wearing method, paying attention to the matching of shoes, etc. Let’s learn how to show your leg length by wearing cropped pants< p> do the 1 / 5 pants show shorter legs

In summer, it is cool and fashionable to wear a pair of cropped pants when going out. Many friends will choose this. However, some people think that wearing cropped pants will make your legs shorter. Is this true

In fact, if the cropped pants are not properly worn, it is really easy to appear short legs, because the cropped pants are just at the knee position. If the lower body is split by half, the legs will look shorter, and the leg shape is fine. For people who have thick legs and are not very tall, the cropped pants will expose their shortcomings more obviously, and the legs will be very short visually

how to wear two or five point trousers to show leg length

The length of legs is natural, but through certain matching skills, we can develop our strengths and circumvent our weaknesses to make the legs longer, which is also the meaning of fashion matching. For friends who wear cropped pants, if they want to show their legs longer, they can use the following matching skills:

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1. Color extension method

The use of color extension can visually extend the length of legs. For example, the wearing method of one color of cropped pants and tops is simple and easy to learn; It should be noted that if the pants are bright colored, the upper body needs to use accessories to increase the highlights of the upper body and shift the modeling focus to a higher place, so as to be more tall

2. Shorten the length of upper body

By shortening the length of the upper body, the leg length can be extended upward. There are many methods, such as defining the position of the waist line through the wearing method of the plug corners; Or choose the top with V-neck, large round neck and waist revealing design, which can also shorten the length of the upper body; There is also the choice of short tops with high waisted cropped pants, which can re divide the body proportion and make the lower body more slender

3. One loose one tight method

When wearing cropped pants, the matching with the top can be compared through a loose and tight wearing method, which can make the body slimmer. For example, oversize tops + tight cropped pants, cropped pants suits + tight tops, waist closing sun protection clothes + loose cropped pants, etc. can be selected according to their own body characteristics

4. Pay attention to the matching of shoes

On the one hand, it is mainly aimed at female friends. When girls wear pants, high heels can be considered in shoes, which can make you look tall and straight and make your legs longer; For leisure style, you can wear high-heeled sandals, Muller shoes in high-heeled style, etc

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