How To Pair Super Shorts With Super Short Hot Pants

Abstract: with the continuous advancement of summer, the time for “meat exposure” is coming again. Women wearing super shorts is a good choice. When wearing super shorts, we should pay attention to the art of matching. If the matching is appropriate, it can make Ren more attractive. Generally, super shorts are better matched with short sleeved T-shirts, white shirts, sleeveless shirts, vests, etc. some skills should be paid attention to when matching, including the selection of super shorts color, the selection of pants type according to body shape, and the fabric of super short hot pants. Now let’s learn how to match the super shorts< p> I. super shorts how to match

Super shorts are sexy and hot. They are a very suitable fashion item for female friends who want to fully show their charm. However, you must pay attention to the matching when wearing super shorts. If the matching is not good, it will affect the visual effect. How can you match super shorts well

1. Blue off shoulder short sleeve T-shirt + blue shorts

The design of the off shoulder short sleeve T-shirt reveals a little sexy while creating a fresh look. It can be matched with a pair of Blue Mini shorts to instantly lengthen the visual proportion and show white legs. The effect of showing height and thin will be more obvious when the feet are matched with a pair of thin heels

2. White shirt + printed shorts

The simple white shirt, the low-V design decorates the beautiful neck curve, and matches with a printing shorts of bling bling, giving a fresh and bright feeling on the whole. At the same time, the hand bag decorated with rivets and some leather metal accessories enhance the texture of the clothes and highlight the big brand style

3. Denim shirt + knitted shorts

The clean denim shirt can be worn in boyfriend style with a knitted printed shorts, which can easily deduce the leisure style. At the same time, it can also show the slender and white legs to create a beautiful and high shape

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4. Printed sleeveless shirt + denim hot pants

The printed sleeveless shirt full of ethnic and exotic customs boldly exposes white arms to bask in the sun, setting off the health of skin color. It is easy to create a sweet and playful holiday style with an old cowboy hot pants. If you like the pastoral style of mm, you might as well try it

5. Khaki shirt + milled denim hot pants

The deep khaki shirt is full of handsome personality charm. It is matched with milled denim hot pants and wine red flat shoes. It looks tall and thin, while creating a retro and elegant British style, giving people a free and easy feeling

6. Plaid shirt + flare shorts

The classic Plaid Shirt reflects the retro trend. The specially designed horn shorts decorate the hip curve and show slender legs. They are matched with a pair of printed bandage sneakers and a metal handbag to create an elegant look and enhance the overall look texture, which is very eye-catching

7. Black Vest + gradient Mini shorts

Dull black vest, low V design is quite sexy, with a pair of gradually washed denim shorts to break the dull shape. The unique tassel trouser hem is designed to decorate the beautiful leg curves. The overall appearance is handsome and straightforward, which is liked by people

8. Purple sleeveless shirt + printed shorts

The noble and romantic purple pure color sleeveless shirt, with bright silk design, highlights the texture, and brings visual enjoyment to people with a pair of fresh printed shorts and a white handbag

9. Dark yellow shirt + Black Mini shorts

Dark yellow shirt with black mini shorts gives people a sense of harmony visually. The whole shape is casual without lacking the feminine taste of softness. The simple and atmospheric dress up is usually MM’s heart! It’s very easy to attract people’s attention

10. Black 3 / 4 sleeve T-shirt + color blocked denim shorts

Although the black 7-point sleeve T-shirt is too boring, it immediately looks relaxed and playful with a special color matching denim shorts

II. What are the wearing skills of ultra short hot pants

Hot pants are very short. When wearing and matching, using some skills will make your wearing more attractive. The wearing skills of hot pants mainly include:

1. Color matching

Most hot pants are more versatile, but in order to show better clothing effect, when matching hot pants, you should pay attention to whether the colors of some tops and hot pants match; For example, don’t match the pink hot pants with the bright red color

2. Choose the appropriate pants type according to your figure

Although the super short and tight hot pants are good-looking, unless you are thin or have a healthy and symmetrical figure, the fat on the inner thighs and buttocks will be outlined by the trouser legs of the super short hot pants, showing the width of the hips and thighs; Therefore, for those who are not in a particularly good shape, it is recommended to choose the pants with loose legs when the length of hot pants is reasonable

3. hot pants pay attention to fabric texture

When choosing ultra short hot pants, you should pay attention to the fabric of hot pants. The fabric draped hot pants are visually lighter, which can weaken the sense of volume; Woven fabrics, such as shirt cloth, ordinary chiffon, rayon, etc., are light, with a falling feeling, fine texture, and can be thin

4. Pay attention to the trouser leg line

The leg line of hot pants is also very important. The diagonal leg is longer than the flat leg. Even if it is not the diagonal leg, you can roll up the leg edge when you are hot pants, so it looks better

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