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Men don’t have many accessories. A tie can be regarded as a versatile piece of formal dress. It can be said that tie is the soul of a suit. It’s best to wear a suitable tie in a suit to participate in formal communication activities, which can greatly add points to the overall appearance. However, there is a lot of knowledge about tie playing and matching. Tie matching should be appropriate, which really needs some effort from stylish men. How to tie a tie? How to tie the tie? Next, let’s take a look at tips for tie

brief introduction to neckties>

when men wear suits, the most eye-catching thing is usually not the suit itself, but the tie. Therefore, the tie is called the “finishing touch” of the suit. A man with only one suit, as long as he often changes different ties, can often give people a refreshing feeling every day. A man wears a tie when he is wearing a suit, so the tie is also called “the soul of a suit”. When wearing a suit, especially a suit suit, the suit is often eclipsed without a tie

2. Tie style and wearing occasion

solid color tie

The solid color tie is the most useful tie. It can be matched with any wearable shirt and any shirt made of traditional materials

Striped tie

There are two kinds of ties with cross stripes, which can help you shape a successful appearance after wearing. The stripes with smaller shape and wider spacing are more obvious and dignified, and can be worn to formal or informal occasions

Club tie

It is usually a dark background and small badges, shields or crest decorations that are evenly spaced and repeated. It is a symbol of leisure activities

Paisley spiral tie

The designs on this tie can come in many colors. Wearing this tie can effectively add charm to a suit of clothes. Be sure to choose more conservative and softer classic colors

Plaid tie

There is a pattern like a box on it. This kind of tie is not suitable for serious and formal negotiation occasions. However, in more casual occasions, it has some advantages of its own

Thin soft silk tie

This pattern includes a darker background and small patterns of various colors. These ties are widely used and popular. The colors are different, and they can be worn to participate in business activities, semi formal or informal activities

3 how to choose a tie

tie length

The first thing you should do before buying a tie is to decide how long the tie should be. The standard length is 55 ~ 56 inches, but it can not be guaranteed that in a good store, buying an expensive tie is the standard length, even if the tie has a designer label. The width of the tie is also important. At present, the standard TIE width is 2.75 inches to a maximum of 3.75 inches

Tie fabric

The best material for the tie is silk. Because its color is bright and not dazzling, the use of this tie is almost unlimited by time, place and people. When buying a silk tie, don’t covet the cheap silk tie. It will look bad after wearing it for several times, even if it looks good when you buy it

Tie quality

The quality of neckties is fundamentally not determined by the style and brand, but by the texture of the materials and the exquisiteness of the workmanship. Check whether the tie logo is clear and complete before buying a tie; Look at the workmanship. The tie with good quality has a soft feel and smooth surface; Identification materials. The color of silk fabric is moist, soft and delicate. The color, texture and appearance of the tie are high-grade. [details > >]

4. Tie drawing

1 Piain knot

Flat knot is one of the most popular tie styles for men

It is suitable for almost all kinds of neckties

After the tie is finished, the tie is in an oblique triangle, which is suitable for a narrow collar shirt

Key: the wide edge in the figure is on the left side, and it can also be played on the right side; In the case of “man’s dimples” (forming concave and convex), try to make both sides even and symmetrical

2. Double knot

A tie with fine texture and a double loop knot can create a sense of fashion

Suitable for young office workers

Key: the characteristic of this tie is that the first circle will be slightly exposed outside the second circle. Don’t cover it deliberately

3. Cross kont cross knot

This is a suitable tie style for thin ties with simple and elegant materials

For men who like to show a sense of fashion, they might as well use “Cross Knot” more

The characteristic of the cross knot is that the knot has a dividing line, which is suitable for neckties with simple color and thin texture. It feels very fashionable

Key: note that the back of the tie is facing forward after the tie is worn step by step

4. Double cross knot

The double cross knot can easily reflect the elegant and grand temperament of men. It is suitable for formal events

This tie style should be applied to plain and silk ties. If it is matched with a large lapel shirt, it is not only suitable but also has a sense of dignity

Key: the wide edge goes out from the first circle to the second circle to complete the assembly

5. Windsor knot

Windsor knot is a tie knot named after the Duke of Windsor. It is the most orthodox tie

It forms an equilateral triangle, full and powerful, suitable for matching with a wide neck shirt

The assembly should develop more horizontally. Avoid ties with too thick material and do not tie them too large

Key: reserve a long space for the wide edge first. The looseness and tightness of the ribbon will affect the size of the tie knot

6. The Prince Albert knot

Albert Prince knot is suitable for romantic button neck and pointed collar shirts. It can be matched with romantic soft thin ties. “Chinese dimples” are slightly cocked on both sides

Key: reserve a long space for the wide edge first, and try to fit together during the second circle to complete this perfect knot

7. The simple knot

It is suitable for thick ties. It is most suitable for standard and button neckline shirts

Easy to play, very suitable for business travel

The utility model is characterized in that the wide end is first twisted from top to bottom by 180 degrees, and the folded part is hidden behind to complete the knot tying

This tie knot is very tight and popular among English grooms at the end of the 18th century

The length of the tie can be adjusted after completion, which is convenient and fast when going out for assembly

Key: the common coachman’s knot is the simplest of all ties. It is especially suitable for ties with thick fabric, and will not cause too much weight and burden

8. The trend knot

Romantic knot is a perfect knot type, so it is suitable for necklines and shirts of various romantic series

Romantic knot can be freely enlarged or reduced by the adjustment of folds, and the length of the remaining part can also be arbitrarily controlled according to actual needs

The tie knot of romantic knot is symmetrical in shape and straight and beautiful in line, which is easy to leave a good impression of neatness and preciseness

Key: the wide edge under the bow tie can be pressed with folds to reduce its knot type, and the narrow edge can also move it to the left and right to make a small part appear next to the wide edge tie

9. The half Windsor knot

It is most suitable to match with the romantic pointed collar and standard neckline series shirts

Half Windsor knot is a tie knot with symmetrical shape. It is slightly larger than pret knot and smaller than Windsor knot

It seems that there are many steps, but it is not difficult to do. The bow tie is usually in a correct position after being tied

Tip: it’s easy to use fine neckties. It’s suitable for people who don’t wear neckties often

10. The four inohand knot

The most easy to use bow tie is suitable for all kinds of romantic shirts and ties

The knot can be tied in four steps, so it is called “four hand knot”

It is the most convenient tie tie method. It is suitable for neckties with a narrow width and a narrow collar shirt. It has a casual style and is suitable for ordinary occasions

Key: similar and equal knot

5 tie matching principle

Do not match shirts and ties of the same color and pattern. For example, plaid ties should not be matched with shirts of the same color and pattern

Shirts and ties of the same color can be matched

Completely different color systems and patterns form a strong contrast

When matching, if the pattern and color of the tie can be consistent with the color of the coat or shirt, the overall effect will be very good

In the hot summer, it is best to wear a light and soft tie made of silk and silk. The tie knot should also be small to give people a fresh feeling. In autumn and winter, the color will be mainly warm, such as dark red, coffee and other warm colors will produce a warm feeling visually. In spring and summer, it can be dominated by cold colors, supplemented by warm colors

When there are two kinds of patterns or patterns, it is necessary to distinguish the strength of the pattern and the trend of the pattern. If you wear a straight striped suit or shirt, you should avoid using a straight striped or horizontal striped tie. It is better to use a tie with no direction, such as twill, dot or Paramecium color. [details > >]

6 how to wash neckties

1. Washing method

As the tie fabric is different from the lining material, it is easy to wrinkle after washing, and it is also easy to damage the luster of the tie surface. Do not wash the whole tie in water, and it is best to use dry cleaning. The tie is easy to be stained with dirt where it is knotted. You can put it into a basin containing gasoline and rub or brush it with your hands. Other places with dirt can be wiped with a cloth dipped in gasoline

2. Washing raw materials

For dry cleaning, the raw materials for washing are high-purity alcohol or colorless solvent gasoline above 120

3. Washing

Soak the silk tie for about ten minutes; Gently tap the dirty part of the tie with a smooth and thornless stick. If the stain area of the tie is too large, gently rub it with your hands; After being drenched with clean water, hang it with a clothes hanger. After the solvent volatilizes, if there are still a lot of stains on the tie, you can gently brush it with a soft brush dipped in water. [details > >]

7 how to use the tie clip

clip the tie on the shirt lapel, so that the tie will appear straight and will not be blown up by the wind, and will not be vertical to the ground when bending down. Show respect and courtesy for others. Don’t put it in a specific position, that is, count from top to bottom, between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt, and then button up the jacket of the suit. Generally, the tie clip should not be visible from the outside. When choosing necktie accessories, more metal products should be considered, and plain color is preferred. The shape and pattern should be elegant and concise. [details > >]

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