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jeans can be said to be a classic item that can be worn all year round. As a “versatile artifact”, it takes a little effort to match jeans well. As the weather turns cooler, jeans will also “pour out”. This issue of jeans introduces you the matching skills of jeans, telling you what shoes to match with jeans and what tops to match with jeans

About jeans ¡¤

speaking of jeans, people naturally think of the gold rush in the United States in 1849, when the first batch of immigrants set foot on the U.S. mainland. The intense labor made the clothes very easy to wear. Some factories used Genoese canvas to produce work pants, which later evolved into jeans (first recorded in 1567). It was only in the 1860s that “jeans” was officially adopted by levy

Origin: western United States, once welcomed by local miners and cowboys

Originator: Jewish Levi Strauss, founded levi`s in 1850

Fabric: denim (French: denim), transliteration: denim, cotton thick gauze, real jeans are all cotton

Features: wear resistant, soft and comfortable

Pants length: pants, shorts, cropped pants, cropped pants, cropped pants

Waist height: middle waist, low waist, high waist

Style: leggings, straight pants, Harlan pants, bell bottoms, Jumpsuit

Color: blue, black, white, gray

Style: casual, business, retro

women’s jeans matching ¡¤

  • what kind of top does women’s jeans match< p> Women’s jeans are very versatile. They are generally matched with T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, pullover knitwear, etc. pay attention not to have complex patterns and words on the top. Generally, white, black and gray are the classic matching colors

  • what shoes do women’s jeans look good with< p> Women’s jeans with sports shoes, Martins, board shoes, short boots, long boots, high heels, single shoes, sandals, loafers, canvas shoes

  • what kind of coat should women’s jeans go with< p> Women’s jeans can be matched with many coats, such as knitted cardigan, sweater, windbreaker, small suit, leather coat, overcoat, leather coat, etc., with simple T-shirts or shirts inside

matching strap jeans

Strap jeans are cute and young. Generally, they are built with simple T-shirts. Shoes can be matched with single shoes, sports shoes, canvas shoes, small white shoes, etc

skinny jeans / skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are close fitting and look slim and slim. If it is a slender waist, you can also choose high waist skinny jeans. Slim fitting jeans are suitable for mm with good figure, not fat and good leg shape

pair jeans with holes

Worn jeans should be matched with delicate items. The top should be as simple as possible. Shoes can be white sneakers, or short boots, high heels. It is very important to win with details. Otherwise, the overall look is broken and “dirty”, and there is no fashion at all

straight jeans with

Straight jeans are more boyfriend style. Pay attention to rolling up the trouser legs to make them more concave. It looks more casual with T-shirts, canvas shoes and sports shoes

pair with black jeans

The matching of black jeans gives people a cool feeling. The top can be matched with light color or dark color. It can be matched with boots, high heels, sports shoes, etc. generally, black or white is selected, and the clean white shoes will make the overall matching more layered

blue jeans with

Blue jeans are the most classic and versatile, but dark blue jeans are a little dark in color, which is more suitable for the capable people. If you are a cute girl, Xiaobian suggests that you choose washed light color jeans

pair with white jeans

White jeans are generally matched with contrasting colors of tops or shoes, such as black, gray and blue. You can also choose to match with light colors of clothes and shoes

denim shorts matching

Cowboy SHORTS are still for nothing. Generally, they are matched with a T-shirt and a shirt. The skirt of the shirt is tucked into the waist of the pants to show the figure. They look good with single shoes, sandals and sports shoes

flare jeans

If you want to drive the flared jeans, you should be tall to look good. The tops are usually matched with simple T-shirts, chiffon shirts, knitwear, etc. the shoes are better matched with high heels

Men’s jeans matching ¡¤

  • what kind of top does men’s jeans match< p> Men’s jeans are generally matched with T-shirts and shirts, mainly with simple designs. When the weather is cold, you can match it with a slim fitting Pullover Sweater, a sweater and a slim fitting sweater. Pay attention to ensure the texture of the knitted fabric, or the pilling will look like a downshift as a whole. The coat can be matched with suit, vest, leather coat, cowboy coat, windbreaker, baseball suit, jacket, etc

  • what shoes do men’s jeans look good with< p> Men’s jeans can be matched with casual leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, canvas shoes, Martin boots, short boots, single shoes, etc. The color is generally black, brown and white

  • what belts do men’s jeans wear< p> Jeans are usually worn for leisure, so all business belts can be put away. Other belts are applicable, whether the texture is canvas, vegetable tanned leather, head skin or even metal (such as rivet / bullet)

jeans + sweater + canvas shoes

Jeans + T-shirt + leather shoes

Jeans + shirt

Jeans + shirt + leather shoes

Black jeans + denim shirt + brown casual shoes

Jeans + shirt + sweater + casual shoes

Jeans + sweater + casual shoes

Jeans + shirt + Suit Vest + casual leather shoes

Jeans + T-shirt + sneakers

Jeans + T-shirt + casual shoes

Jeans + T-shirt + sneakers

Jeans + shirt + sandals

Jeans + shirt + short boots

jeans and shorts &gt& gt;

pair with ripped jeans &gt& gt;

pair with straight jeans &gt& gt;

pair with plush jeans &gt& gt;

jeans size comparison &gt& gt;

women’s jeans matching &gt& gt;

men’s jeans matching &gt& gt;

children’s jeans matching ¡¤

Children’s jeans are generally required to be loose, not too tight. What kind of top does children’s jeans go with? It usually matches with T-shirts, shirts, sweaters and sweaters. What shoes do children’s jeans go with? Generally, cloth shoes, canvas shoes, casual shoes, short boots, board shoes, etc. should be comfortable to prevent affecting the development of baby’s feet

strap jeans + T-shirt + casual shoes

Strap jeans + T-shirt + canvas shoes

Jeans + T-shirt + casual shoes

Jeans + shirt + boots

Jeans + clothes + casual shoes

jeans purchase and maintenance¡¤¡¤¡¤

Jeans shopping

color and shape

Color: mainly indigo and blue black. The main reason is that the effect of blue washing is most popular among the public. Indigo is a non solid color, which has a more beautiful effect. The popularity of those variegated jeans seems to have gone with the wind< u> [details]

Version: a good version that is suitable for you should be comfortable after wearing it. There is no feeling of strangulation. The curves of girls’ hips and legs can be perfect without uncoordinated looseness

quality and grade

Quality: you can open the trouser legs to see the quality of the side lock line and the car line. At the zipper, you can also see whether the lathe work is exquisite

Grade: it depends on the washing water. Good washing water looks natural. The better the fading effect of natural wear and tear after years of washing. Poorly made washing water looks unreal and unnatural at a glance

how is your figure

1. if your waist is wide, choose high waist jeans and avoid low waist jeans; 2. if your hips are large, wear less skinny jeans and choose jeans with more decoration, so that your hips and thighs are balanced; 3. if you have a baby face, tight jeans can highlight your personality and body curve; 4. if you are not tall, do not wear jeans with wide trouser legs. Pencil pants will be better; 5. if your thighs are thick, it is not appropriate for you to wear a small back pocket or no pocket. It is better to choose a large pocket< u> [men of seven shapes choose jeans]

jeans maintenance

how to wash jeans without fading

For dark jeans, it is better to soak them in white vinegar + water (white vinegar: water, 1:20) or salt water for about 20 ~ 30 minutes before launching for the first time. Wash with detergent, do not use detergent, easy to fade< u> [details]

jeans cleaning techniques

Wash dark and light colors separately to avoid staining. The jeans should be scrubbed by hand, and the washing machine and brush should not be used as much as possible. If you really want to machine wash, you should zip up your jeans to avoid deformation. Wash and sun the opposite side as much as possible. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to avoid fading. The pants will not dry easily and will produce peculiar smell if they are not ventilated during drying< u> [details]

what is a good brand of jeans… Conclusion

jeans can be said to be a fashion item with several pairs of hands. Especially for men, jeans are the most common pants they wear every day, standing firm! But versatile jeans also need to pay attention to matching skills to make you look handsome and beautiful. This is the topic of jeans matching in this issue. For more highlights, please pay attention to the shopping website knowledge lecture hall

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