[Swimming Equipment] What Equipment Is Required For Beginners To Learn Swimming? Large Dish Of Swimming Essential Supplies

For beginners, the necessary equipment can not only make you learn faster, but also avoid accidents in the process of learning swimming. But what equipment does a beginner need for swimming? In addition to common swimsuits, goggles and swimming caps, there are earplugs, nose clips and other accessories, as well as storage bags, bath towels and other supplies. Now, let’s take stock of the necessary swimming items. Having these items will make you learn faster and swim better Swimsuits for swimming necessities

how can a beginner learn swimming without swimsuits? A good swimsuit can not only make you learn to swim faster, but also develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, showing a good figure

key points of shopping: if girls are in good shape, they can choose bikini style split swimsuit, which is fresh and eye-catching; If there is fat on the waist and legs, the one-piece swimsuit can be selected, which can hide the meat and modify the body. In addition, the swimsuit with anti chlorine effect is more durable. Boys are suitable to choose flat angled swimming trunks with strong elasticity, while swimsuits with quick drying fabric are more comfortable to wear. [details > >] Swimming goggles

in addition to swimsuits, swimming goggles are also essential when swimming. They can not only avoid eye diseases caused by insufficient water, but also prevent ultraviolet radiation and increase underwater visibility

key points of purchase: the silica gel on the edge of the goggle should fit the face, and the waterproof effect is better; Anti fog goggles can avoid the embarrassment of being unable to see things clearly at the moment of water coming out; In addition, when swimming outdoors, you should choose swimming goggles with dark lens color and UV protection to prevent glare from the sun; Nearsighted people need to wear special nearsighted goggles to meet the need to see objects clearly. [details > >] Swimming cap, which is a must for swimming

wearing a swimming cap can prevent ear shock and protect the head, prevent the hair from being immersed in chlorine containing water, reduce the damage of the pool water to the hair, reduce the resistance, and make the swimming speed faster

key points of purchase: swimming caps are mostly of uniform size design, which should be comfortable and beautiful when wearing. The material is the most important point when purchasing swimming cap. The silicone swimming cap is impervious to water, not easy to crack, bond or aging deformation. There is also a particle design inside, which has anti-skid effect, can minimize resistance and is not easy to fall off Swimming accessories for essential swimming supplies

earplugs: earplugs can block the pressure of water and avoid ear damage. Especially for people with ear diseases such as otitis media, they must be worn when swimming. A good earplug should fit the ear hole and be comfortable to wear

nose clip: the nose clip allows beginners to breathe in through the mouth instead of through the nose, so as to prevent water from entering the nostrils and avoid choking and coughing. The nose clip pad made of soft silica gel is more comfortable to wear

life jackets: most of the life jackets are in the form of waistcoats, which have great buoyancy. Wearing them can make swimmers float in the water for a long time, which is conducive to learning swimming movements, especially suitable for beginners, and can also avoid accidents Personal belongings for swimming necessities

storage bag: the storage bag can store dry and wet separately, and the capacity is large enough to facilitate wearing wet clothes home after swimming

bath towel: the bath towel is convenient for wiping the body after swimming. The bath towel with quick drying fabric can be selected to ensure water absorption and also take into account the quick drying characteristics

Slippers: whether you are swimming in a swimming pool or outdoors, a pair of non slip slippers is very necessary to prevent you from slipping on the wet ground

mobile phone bag: you also want to take beautiful photos when you go swimming. A waterproof mobile phone bag is indispensable, which can prevent water from entering the mobile phone and is easy to carry

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