What About The Crotch Of The One-Piece Swimsuit? What About The Small One-Piece Swimsuit

Abstract: many people wear one-piece swimsuits when swimming. The one-piece swimsuits do not sag or swell when encountering water. They are thick, stiff and impermeable, and have good elasticity, softness and firmness. However, if the one-piece swimsuit is too close to the body, it will be very tight. It is easy to get stuck in the crotch when wearing it. If it is smaller and more uncomfortable, what about the one-piece swimsuit? What if you buy a small one-piece swimsuit? Let’s learn about it< p> I. what about the crotch of one-piece swimsuit

1. The crotch of the one-piece swimsuit may be easily stuck because the fabric is not cotton. It is recommended to buy a cotton swimsuit

2. Change to flat angle swimsuits. Generally, the design of flat angle swimsuits is more reasonable, so it is not easy to have this problem

3. Buy a larger swimsuit, which will fit your hips and avoid crotch sticking

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II. What should I do if I buy a small one-piece swimsuit

1. The cup size is smaller

If the cup is too small, you can add a bra back button at the back of the swimsuit. Or ask the tailor to open the back button

2. Smaller overall

If the whole one-piece swimsuit is small, you can first wet it with water, and then reasonably support it with a hanger to make it larger

3. The tail is too tight

If your swimsuit is small, the tail of the pants will become very tight. At this time, just cut it and make it a two-piece suit of component pose

III. how to wear the one-piece swimsuit correctly

1. The one-piece swimsuit is not easy to stretch when it is wet, so make sure it is dry before wearing the one-piece swimsuit. And wipe the sweat off your body before wearing the swimsuit, so that you won’t feel sticky during wearing

2. Take a standing posture. After picking up the swimsuit, put two legs in from the top neckline. In fact, many one-piece swimsuits are very convenient to wear and take off, such as backless and bare waist. Just put the legs in from the largest mouth. Compared with casual one-piece swimsuits, professional swimming sports swimsuits are more difficult to wear

3. After wearing the shorts of the lower body, carefully pull up the chest Cup of the upper body, and then make basic adjustment. After adjustment, adjust the tightness of the bandage according to your body and fasten the bandage. In particular, what MM people should pay attention to: generally, the bandage only needs to be simply tied with a bow, which is convenient to take off later. If it is tied with a dead knot, it is not convenient to disassemble it without help because it is behind the back or behind the neck

4. After basically putting on the one-piece swimsuit, it is necessary to adjust the overall tightness, check whether the edges of the briefs will strangle the hip skin, and adjust the cup in front of the chest to avoid the dew point

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