What Brand Is A Good Suit? What To Buy For A Suit

Introduction read there are many brands in the market of Western-style clothing industry, and the product quality is uneven. Consumers will always face selection problems when purchasing, and do not know what brand to buy. How to choose a suit? What brand of suit is good? What is more worth buying? Supported by the brand data provided by CNPP, Xiaobian carefully sorted out the suit brands worth buying, and provided relevant suit purchasing skills for your reference to help you select the satisfactory suit brand products. What brand of suit is good? Suit brand recommendation where to buy a suit is better suit brand shop suit purchase skills suit purchase precautions

how to wash the suit

dry cleaning: applicable to local dirt cleaning. Check which parts are contaminated before cleaning. Then, spray it thoroughly with water, put a small amount of high-grade soap or washing powder, brush it with a brush, and then rinse the detergent (soap, washing powder, etc.) with clean water. Otherwise, white patches will appear in these parts after drying. After washing, dry the suit to 80% or 90%, lay the suit on a flat felt surface, and then use a semi dry and wet white cloth to flatten the surface of the suit to be ironed. Iron the suit with an iron in sequence

wet washing: wash the suit thoroughly with water. The method is the same as dry cleaning. The detergent can be washed with “silk and wool detergent”. Never use a washing machine to wash suits. When ironing a suit, don’t use a towel as a pad. It’s best to use an indelible white cloth. Whenever you don’t wear a suit, you should take out the things in your pocket in time, and use a brush to sweep the dust on the surface of the suit along the direction. If conditions permit, hang it with a suit hanger and cover it with a clean plastic bag. This will not only prevent the suit from deforming, but also prevent dust contamination. If you can’t hang the suit, you can fold the suit according to the usual method of folding the shirt and put it in a plastic bag, or you can use paper to wrap camphor balls together. Do not press with force, or fold into a ball, compact or wrinkle

warm reminder: when the suit is too dirty for dry cleaning, soak it in cold water for about 20 minutes before washing, squeeze out the water with both hands, and soak it in neutral detergent solution (1 tablespoon each) or soap solution at about 40 ¡æ for 10 minutes. Do not soak it in hot water or use soap with strong alkalinity. Take out the clothes with water, and pay attention to “three evenings and one uniformity” when brushing, that is, the washing board is flat, the clothes are flat, the washing is flat, and the force is even

what kind of material is good for a suit

pure wool worsted fabric :100% wool, mostly thin, with smooth surface and clear lines. The luster is natural and soft, with bleaching. With firm bones, it feels soft and elastic. After grasping the fabric tightly, it will be loosened without wrinkles. Even slight creases can disappear in a very short time. It belongs to the top-grade fabric in the suit fabric, and is usually used for spring and summer suits. Easy to pilling, not resistant to wear, easy to moth and mildew

pure fiber wool like fabric : dull luster, weak hand feel and lack of straightness. Due to poor elasticity, it is very easy to wrinkle and not easy to fade. The wet strength of the yarn extracted from the fabric is significantly lower than that in the dry state, which is an effective method to identify viscose fabrics. In addition, this kind of wool like fabric hardens and thickens after soaking. It belongs to the low-grade product in the suit fabric

pure wool woolen fabric :100% wool, most of which are thick, full, soft and smooth. Woolen and suede fabrics do not reveal the grain bottom. The texture is clear and rich. It feels gentle, firm and elastic. It is a top-grade fabric, usually used for autumn and winter suits. Easy to pilling, not resistant to wear, easy to moth and mildew

polyester and viscose blended imitation fabric : thin texture, smooth and textured surface, easy to form and not easy to wrinkle, light and natural, easy to maintain. The disadvantage is poor warmth retention, belonging to pure fiber fabric, which is suitable for spring and summer suits. It is a medium-grade suit fabric

wool and polyester blended fabric : there are bright spots on the surface in the sun, lacking the soft and moist feeling of pure wool fabric. Wool polyester (polyester wool) fabrics are crisp but hard, and stand out with the increase of polyester content. The elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but the hand feeling is not as good as pure wool and wool sunny blended fabric. The woolen cloth is loosened after grasping it tightly, and there is almost no crease. It is a medium-grade suit fabric

wool and viscose or cotton blended fabric : dull luster. Worsted fabric feels weak, while woolen fabric feels loose. This kind of fabric is less elastic and crisp than pure wool, wool polyester and wool sunny blended fabrics. But the price is relatively low, the maintenance is simple, and the clothes are comfortable. It is a medium-grade suit fabric

suit knowledge class &gt& gt;

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when choosing suits, do not blindly follow them because the price is cheap. Choose a well-known brand, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the after-sales service is guaranteed. Of course, the pursuit of brand is not necessarily the pursuit of expensive prices. We can choose famous brand products at different prices at different economic levels. Friends who choose online shopping goods should identify the flagship store of the brand, so as to be safe

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