What kind of pants should be matched with a sweater

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the sweater is very flexible and comfortable to wear. It is essential to wear it in the not particularly cold season in autumn. The sweater is a versatile dress. There are a variety of pants to match. Let’s talk about what pants are more suitable for a sweater

what kind of pants to wear with a sweater

1. Pink sweater + blue jeans

when the sweater you wear is pink, the pants are more suitable for blue. The style recommends jeans. Of course, you can also like other types of pants. Such a combination will be sweet, comfortable and relaxed. It is very suitable for wearing at work and school

2. Red sweater + Black legged pants

wearing a red sweater will be very easy to attract people’s attention. At this time, it is recommended to choose black pants, which can be matched with legged pants, which can make people have a sexy and romantic temperament. In particular, such matching will make the sweater become the protagonist and make it easier to leave a deep impression

3. Black knitwear + white wide leg pants

black knitwear sometimes seems a little monotonous. At this time, you can match a brighter pair of pants. For example, white pants are very good, while wide leg pants increase the visual effect of height, so this match is more suitable for small people

striped knitwear + denim Leggings + sneakers

fashion index: ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï

collocation highlights: the personalized color matching knitwear is full of fashion flu, no matter it’s a small or chubby mm. The color matching design of wine red, gray and white is casual and intellectual. It is full of Korean style with simple denim pants. Tuck the bottom of the sweater into the trouser head to easily shape the waistline, and lengthen the lower body. Whether it’s worn with sneakers or flat shoes, it can bring a different sense of fashion

striped knitwear + black leggings + lace up shoes

fashion index: ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï

matching points: the short knitwear is very suitable for small mm. Choosing high waist pants or skirt for the bottom can easily lengthen the leg lines and achieve high efficiency. The minimalist black-and-white color matching is versatile and stylish. The V-neck design can lengthen the face lines and make the shape more sexy. Match it with a pair of hairtail shoes and personalized handbags to become a fashionable person in minutes. However, it is recommended that the fishtail shoes should not choose the style of thick bottom, and the handbags should also try to be low-key and colorless, and do not have too flashy decorations, otherwise it is easy to show low

the T-shirt is matched with blue jeans. The blue jeans are also a versatile style. The combination of versatile and versatile will never go wrong. Such a combination is sweet and suitable for commuting. The red T-shirt and black leggings are sexy

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