How To Clean And Maintain Swimsuits And Swimsuits Trilogy Of Swimsuit Cleaning And Maintenance

Abstract: swimming in summer is a great pleasure for citizens. In addition to paying attention to safety and health during swimming, the cleaning and maintenance of swimsuits and swimsuits should not be ignored. Correct cleaning and maintenance can not only keep swimsuits clean and hygienic, but also prolong the service life of swimsuits. The following small series will introduce you to the correct methods of cleaning and maintenance of swimsuits before swimming, after swimming and after going home< p> how to clean and maintain swimsuits and swimming trunks

I. before swimming

1. Avoid sunscreen

if you wear sunscreen and sunscreen products all over your body, you should wait 15 minutes before putting on your swimsuit. Generally speaking, the material of swimsuits and swimming trunks is made of flexible polyurethane fiber. Chemicals such as sunscreen will damage the elasticity of swimsuits

2. Avoid friction

after wearing the swimsuit, avoid sliding on the rough rock surface and the swimming pool slide to avoid damaging the swimsuit fiber

3. wet swimsuits and swimsuits with clean water before launching

the service life of swimsuits and swimsuits is very short, mainly due to the corrosion of chlorine in the pool water, so wet swimsuits and swimsuits with clean water before launching, which can reduce the corrosion of pool water or seawater and increase the service life of swimsuits and swimsuits

II. After swimming,

1. After swimming, wash your body and then take off your swimsuit. In this way, the sediment on the surface of the swimsuit will not be brought into the inner surface of the swimsuit

2. Do not wring the swimsuit, roll the swimsuit into a dry towel, and let the dry towel absorb too much water from the swimsuit

III. after going home,

1. Wash immediately with lukewarm water. Soak in some neutral detergent (such as shower gel and shampoo) for 10 minutes and then wash by hand. Do not use washing machine and bleach

2. Wash the swimsuit thoroughly. If there is sediment on the inner surface of the swimsuit and it is difficult to clean, soak the swimsuit until the sediment is completely settled before cleaning

3. Do not screw it dry. After washing, do not wring the swimsuit too hard. It is recommended to put the swimsuit flat on a dry towel, let the towel absorb the water from the swimsuit, and put it flat and in a ventilated place to dry naturally

4. No exposure to the sun. Swimwear should be dried in a cool place to avoid direct exposure to the sun, so as to ensure the elasticity and toughness of the material

5. Do not keep it wet for a long time. Do not put it in a windless place or a high temperature place for a long time (such as in a plastic bag, car trunk, etc.) to prevent fading and deterioration. Keep away from cosmetics, laundry agents and other chemicals. It is recommended to store in a storage box. In order to keep ventilated and dry, it is best to put some desiccant in the storage box

swimsuit cleaning guide

1. Suitable for hand washing. To clean the swimsuit, first soak it in clean water below 20 ¡æ, then add a little neutral detergent, rub it gently with your hands after 10 minutes, then wash it with clean water, wring it out a little, and dry it in a cool place. Do not use hot water, washing machine and sunlight

2. Do not bleach. Do not bleach or eat laundry products containing bleaching powder, such as detergent, bleach, etc

3. Do not use a dryer to avoid damaging the swimsuit material and deforming the swimsuit. After the swimsuit is worn, it can be washed with a little neutral detergent (not detergent or bleach). Just rub it gently with your hands. Do not stir it with a washing machine

4. As chlorine, chemicals, sunscreen and other oils in the swimming pool will damage the elasticity of swimsuits, try not to touch swimsuits. Put on swimsuits before applying sunscreen. After swimming, wash your body and then take off your swimsuit

5. Do not touch the cement floor, sand, rock and other places with rough surface, which is easy to cause skin wear; Try not to wear swimsuits when bathing in hot springs and hot springs to avoid deformation due to heat

6. The swimsuits just worn should not be kept in the bag or the trunk of the car for a long time to avoid heat fading. They should be washed and dried by hand with clean water as soon as possible

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