[Men’S Shorts] Men’S Shorts How To Choose Simple Shorts To Create A Sense Of Leisure And Fashion


shorts are essential for men in summer. They are not only fresh and free, but also can be matched with a sense of leisure and fashion. How to buy men’s shorts in hot summer? What kind of tops, shoes and socks do men’s shorts go with? How to wear shorts cool and stylish? Now, let’s learn about the buying and matching skills of men’s shorts

tips for selecting men’s shorts length, Knee length shorts can be worn on more occasions. Boys always feel a little indecent when they wear too short pants

2. Looseness: the looseness of shorts should be in proportion to the thickness of their legs. It is appropriate that the pants should be three fingers wide. If you have a good figure, of course you can wear tight fitting ones, but the side effect of tight fitting is that it is easy to appear… Niang

3. Style: the style and cutting must be concise! Forget the sports shorts like basketball and football. Don’t wear them outside of sports. For ordinary people, it is easier to control the slim and loose type, and the loose type is not as easy to show short legs as the tight type. In any case, please firmly reject the baggy pants JB loves and the pants with many pockets

4. Color: Tibetan blue, black, khaki and denim are the first colors, which are easy to match and buy. It doesn’t matter whether the jeans are dark or light. The jeans with holes are also great. They are ventilated and stylish. The light to white blue and black jeans are the best match. The texture of the jeans is very easy to take care of. They are not afraid of fading when they are washed in the washing machine. Then the recommended colors are white and khaki. The designs and colors are also very fashionable and good-looking, but most straight men will dislike this. If you have to wear them, don’t buy beach pants with flip flops like Taobao. This style is too personal to wear well

2 men’s shorts style

1, Suit Shorts

Men with good-looking and symmetrical legs can wear suits and shorts to mix and match. Boys’ shorts can also be matched with bottoms. But generally, only suits and shorts can

2, casual shorts

Fancy shorts or beach pants are usually worn with simple T-shirts or polo shirts, preferably in solid color, and the pattern should not be too flamboyant. Shoes are also very simple. You can’t choose color matching

3, denim shorts

It’s easy to wear grey denim shorts with clothes, while traditional blue needs to consider more elements. We must choose simple styles. Denim shorts are very versatile

4, sports shorts

Wide trouser legs are suitable for slightly stronger boys. It is simple, fashionable, confident and easy to wear with a simple T-shirt and a pair of casual sandals. Generally, this type is designed with multiple pockets

what to wear inside the beach pants &gt& gt;

3 men’s shorts matching

key points: the key point of matching tops is: never be too long. Too long tops will swallow up short people. If you are short, don’t easily play oversize

1. T T-shirt: t is the best shirt to wear. You can find a suitable shirt for yourself at all ages and temperament. It is elastic and tight by people. White T-shirt must be available. It is very easy to wear. Remember that white clothes must be snow-white

2. Polo shirt: apart from other things, polo shirts must look high-end and slim. There are no others

3. Shirt: if you are tall, you can wear a loose shirt with slightly slim shorts, or wear it outside your vest. Is the shirt tucked in or put out? I think it’s easy to look… Mom, it’s too physical, and it’s far from comfortable to put out (you don’t tie enough at work during the day). So it’s better to put on a slim shirt directly, which is fresh, good-looking and comfortable

4. Vest: don’t wear it easily. It’s not polite. I think it’s generally necessary to match a good figure with a handsome face, or add a coat (I’d rather not wear a vest if I’m too hot)

5. Shoes and socks: shoes must look clean and new, especially white sports shoes. Either do not wear socks (which is easy to stink), or wear socks instead of stockings, which are difficult for ordinary people to control. [details > >]

4. Precautions for wearing men’s shorts

1. Many times, the problem lies in the shoes. If you casually wear flip flops, sandals or dirty sneakers, the effect will be very frustrating. In fact, there is no problem with the choice and matching of clothes, but that shoe destroys the overall feeling. This kind of sneaker is really worn for sports. If you want to wear sports shoes, you can do it. First of all, the shoes must be clean and elegant. White tennis shoes are the most versatile

2. If you don’t look white and gentle, don’t be all dark gray or look very old earth color. If others look good on you, it may be worse. When you really don’t know how to match them, you can never make a mistake with a white coat and black pants. Clothes should always keep looking very new

3. Do not wear old-fashioned polo shirts

4. Don’t mix the formal shirt worn for work with shorts. Buy Casual Shirts, such as denim shirts

What brand of men’s trousers is good

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