Why Do You Wear A Swimming Cap? Do You Want The Cap To Cover Your Ears

Abstract: many women like swimming very much. When swimming, they want to look better with their swimming caps. How can they look good with their swimming caps? It is mainly based on their own conditions. If there are no bangs, they can first tie their long hair into a ball head, and then put it into the swimming cap. This way of making a long haired girl is more beautiful and charming. In addition, when wearing a swimming cap, you can cover your ears or not. A general swimming cap can cover your hair. How to wear the specific swimming cap to look better and whether the swimming cap should cover the ears? Let’s go to the article and have a look< p> I. how to wear a swimming cap

Swimming is a great sport. Many people like swimming very much. They hope to go swimming every other time. Many women like to wear swimming caps when swimming. However, some women have long hair and it is troublesome to wear swimming caps. Moreover, many women hope that their swimming caps can increase their beauty after wearing. So how does a swimming cap look good

1. If a girl with long hair wants to wear a swimming cap, the girl with long hair will have a more elegant feeling after creating a fluffy long hair style from Qi bangs to the back

2. Slanting bangs and wearing a swimming cap can modify your overall face shape and become more delicate

3. A long hair style without bangs. For girls with long hair, if they want to wear swimming caps more orderly, they can first tie their long hair into ball heads, and then put it in the swimming caps. This way, girls with long hair can wear swimming caps in a more attractive way

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II. Should the swimming cap cover the ears

You can cover your ears with or without a swimming cap. You can cover your hair with a common swimming cap. Wearing a swimming cap can prevent ear shock and protect the head, prevent the hair from being completely immersed in chlorine containing water, effectively protect the hair, reduce the damage of the pool water to the hair, reduce the resistance and make the swimming speed faster

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