Do You Have To Wear Swimming Trunks When Swimming? Where Do You Sell Swimming Trunks

Abstract: swimming usually needs to wear special swimsuits. It is not easy to swim in swimming trunks, which can reduce resistance and swim faster. Moreover, it is made of special fabrics, and it is not easy to fall and penetrate into the water. Therefore, it is necessary to swim in swimming trunks. If you want to buy swimming trunks, you can buy them in large shopping malls, supermarkets or clothing stores. If you want to buy them temporarily, you can also buy them in or near the swimming pool. New swimsuits are usually recommended to be soaked, cleaned and dried before wearing, so as to avoid residual chemicals affecting the skin. Let’s find out where swimsuits are sold< p> I. do you have to wear swimming trunks when swimming

Swimming trunks are worn for swimming. Their style is similar to ordinary underwear. Many friends feel that it is not necessary to buy a pair of swimming trunks for swimming. It is OK to swim in ordinary underwear. Can you wear underwear for swimming

Generally speaking, swimming is to wear swimming trunks, which cannot be replaced by underwear. The main reason is that the materials of swimming trunks and underwear are different. Underwear may have various problems when encountering water, such as easy to fall off and become transparent, resulting in embarrassment; In addition, the design of swimming trunks is close to the body. It is not easy to swim in the water, which can reduce the resistance and swim faster

To sum up, it is necessary to wear swimming trunks for swimming, especially in public swimming pools or natatoriums, and some will stipulate that swimming trunks must be worn for launching; Of course, if you have a private swimming pool at home, it doesn’t matter what you wear to swim

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II. Where can I find swimming trunks

It is hot in summer. Swimming in the swimming pool can not only relieve the heat, but also exercise. Many friends go swimming in the swimming pool in summer. Swimming requires buying swimsuits or swimming trunks. Where can I buy swimming trunks

Usually, if you want to buy swimming trunks, you can go to large shopping malls and supermarkets. There are many styles and fabrics of swimming trunks to choose from; Or you can buy swimming trunks at a clothing store; For temporary swimming, swimming trunks can also be purchased in the swimming pool, but the fabric and workmanship are not satisfactory. If you prepare a few days in advance, you can also buy swimming trunks online, but you can’t try them on like offline. If you don’t buy a good size, it may be more troublesome

III. can I wear new swimming trunks directly

It is recommended to wear it after washing

Although the swimming trunks are worn outside, they are worn close to the body like underwear. The newly bought swimming trunks may still have some chemicals left on the clothes. It is recommended to soak, wash, cool and dry them before wearing them, especially for people with sensitive skin

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