[One Week Wear] Recommended Model For Men’S Wear New Products In Autumn And Winter Make You A God Of Men Every Day

For many men, it takes a lot of time to wear clothes. Especially for men in the workplace, it takes a lot of time to mix carefully every day. Wearing formal clothes every day is monotonous. How do men wear it? Today, we have brought you a week of men’s clothing. Monday is suitable for formal business clothes , and you can relax on Wednesday. The sunny literary style is suitable, and you can wear relaxed and comfortable clothes on weekends… Next, I will introduce the men’s autumn clothing model in detail, when you are a god of men every day

Monday: business suit with air lift

Monday is the first working day, so you can’t neglect your clothes. Smash Monday syndrome with a suit of battle robes! Whether it’s a series of meetings or a mountain of documents and contracts, you can face all the challenges with full spirit

Collocation points: the combination of suit and white shirt makes the overall shape more capable and handsome, and brings you infinite confidence. Real leather shoes are absolutely the best shoes for business men, suitable for the first day of work

Matching items: suit set , white shirt , leather shoes , briefcase

Tuesday: yuppie men’s style

all kinds of work began to be on track on Tuesday. If you think yesterday’s dress is too rigid, you might as well try the fashion matching of age reduction, in which blue and gray tone are the timeless dress rules in the workplace

Matching points: a casual suit with a white polo shirt is easy and fast. Straight casual pants are a must for every man. Coupled with a pair of trendy British loafers, you will look more fashionable and tasteful as a whole

Matching items: casual suit , polo shirt , straight pants , loafers

Wednesday: Sunny literary style

Wednesday is called a small weekend. After two working days, you can relax. You might as well mix and match them to change the look of the past serious rules, and try the most eye-catching beautiful clothes at present

Matching points: the simple striped long sleeve T-shirt and jeans are the favorite of men of literature and art. In early autumn, you can match a denim jacket and a pair of sandals. They are free and fashionable, emitting a sunny literary temperament. The whole body matching does not jump off. Even men who have experienced the battlefield can occasionally try it

Matching items: striped T-shirt , jeans , denim jacket , sandals

Thursday: low key and meaningful

yesterday was a little high, and today we need to recycle a little! Thursday can be said to be the busiest day of the week. Many interviews are held on this day. Therefore, it is not appropriate to dress too casually, but also pay attention to comfort

Matching points: you can use a jacket to match jeans, which is less serious and serious on Monday, and more age-saving. The casual single suit + jeans + mengke shoes, in addition to being fresh and clean, are low-key without losing the highlights, which is most suitable for this day

Matching items: jacket , jeans , mengke shoes , no iron shirt

Friday: a relaxing day

for some people, casual Friday is a day to show their personality, but after a busy week, it is serious to relax. Let’s focus on comfort. For many companies, Friday is a day of free dress. You can wear the most comfortable clothes

Matching points: casual shirts and straight trousers can be used for formal leisure. The classic Doudou shoes are stylish and stylish, with a little holiday flavor, making a good start for the coming weekend

Matching items: casual shirt , trousers , Doudou shoes

Saturday: outdoor sports day

formal wearing for five working days should be the best release at leisure. Shopping is too contrary to men’s nature. Of course, the best way to decompress is outdoor sports. Running, jumping, wanton fun, the mood has become as cool as the weather in autumn

Collocation key points: in addition to the fashionable patchwork color contrast sweater, match it with the sports pants, which is both dynamic and fashionable. Choose a pair of comfortable and textured sneakers to completely relax on weekends

Matching items: protective clothing , sports pants , sports shoes

Sunday: comfortable home

Sunday is the last day of the weekend. Adjust your mind to meet the challenges of the next week. You can get together with three or five friends at home, or you can learn by yourself at home. Therefore, there is no special requirement for facing clothes, as long as they are comfortable to wear

Matching points: you can use a long t to match jeans and a casual coat, and then put on a pair of small white shoes. You can either go out or at home. Of course, you can also directly wear only warm home clothes. You can take good care of yourself at home and do a good job to meet the challenges of the new week

Matching items: long t, casual pants , casual coat , home clothes

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