Can I Use A Washing Machine To Wash A Suit Skirt

Abstract: the suit skirt is a combination of suit and skirt. It is a necessary skirt for many women. When washing suits and skirts, many people don’t know what way to clean them. Can I use the washing machine to wash the suit skirt? How do I wash the dress? Do not use washing machine to wash the suit skirt. You can choose dry cleaning or water cleaning when cleaning the suit skirt< p> I. can the suit skirt be washed by the washing machine

Do not use washing machine to wash the suit skirt as much as possible, because the suit skirt is expensive and has certain contour. Washing with washing machine will deform the skirt and damage the suit skirt. Generally, it is sent to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning. After dry cleaning, hang it with a hanger, put moth and other insecticides in your pocket, put on a plastic cover, and store it to avoid wrinkles in your suit skirt

When cleaning the suit skirt, it is necessary to distinguish the cloth of the suit skirt and use the right washing method for cleaning. Suits and skirts made of chemical fiber fabrics can be washed with a washing machine. As with normal laundry, it is best to pack them in a laundry net bag and choose to wash them gently in a shorter time. If it is a woolen suit skirt, it must be dry cleaned, because the components of the dry cleaning liquid have the effect of preventing insects during the dry cleaning process. If you wash it yourself, it is easy to deform and not easy to preserve

If it is a cotton fiber suit skirt, because the cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, acid resistance and good high temperature resistance, it can be cleaned with soap or detergent. Before cleaning, soak it in water for a few minutes to avoid color damage. Use 20-30 ¡æ warm water for multiple times

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II. How to wash a suit skirt

1. Dry cleaning

(1) Dry cleaning is mainly applicable to the cleaning of a small number of stains. Check which parts of the dress are stained before washing. If some part is contaminated with oil or other stains, it can be dry cleaned after micro treatment

(2) After finding the stain, spray it with water, put less high-grade soap or detergent, brush it with a brush, and then rinse it with water. This is the local micro processing process, which can ensure the targeted removal of stains

(3) Then dry it for seven layers, put it into the dry cleaner for thorough dry cleaning, and iron it with an iron after dry cleaning. Petroleum dry cleaning machine shall be used in the dry cleaning process, and other chemicals shall not be used

2. Washing

(1) If the suit skirt is dirty, it is not suitable for dry cleaning and must be washed. Dissolve the soap powder in water and adjust the water temperature to about 40 ¡æ. Too high water temperature will burn clothes, and wrinkle will make it difficult to iron

(2) Then soak the suit skirt in soapy water for 20 minutes, wait for the stain to dissolve, and then scrub locally. The action should be gentle and not too wide. The soaking process is necessary to give the stain a dissolution process

(3) After rinsing, sun it to 7 layers, then dry it in the shade and iron it. Professional electric irons should be used for ironing. It is not allowed to operate privately at home

III. what should I pay attention to when cleaning the suit skirt

1. Suits and skirts should not be washed frequently

Don’t wash the suits and skirts often. It’s better to wash them once every 3-4 months

2. Dress suits of different fabrics should be washed separately

When cleaning a suit skirt, you should distinguish the fabric of the suit, and then find the right cleaning method. Different cleaning methods should be used for different fabrics

3. Cleaning methods for small stains on suit skirts

If you wear a suit skirt for a short time and the surface dust is less, you only need to remove the dust and scald it gently with damp. The dust will adhere to the towel with washing

4. Hanging method of suit skirt

After the suit skirt is washed, it can be hung with a wide shoulder hanger. Metal and simple plastic hangers are not allowed, otherwise it is easy to deform

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