Do You Want To Wash Your Swimming Trunks After Swimming? How Can You Clean Your Swimming Trunks

Abstract: after swimming every time, it is necessary to clean the swimming trunks, because the water in the swimming trunks is not particularly clean no matter swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool. If the swimming trunks are not cleaned in time, it is easy to cause the swimming trunks to be corroded, affect the service life, and be harmful to human health. The bathing trunks are usually washed at the same time after swimming and bathing. If you want to clean them thoroughly, you can soak them in warm water + neutral detergent, scrub them with your hands, and then put them in a ventilated and cool place for natural air drying. Let’s learn how to wash swimming trunks< p> I. do you want to wash your swimming trunks after swimming

Many friends put their swimming trunks in their bags after swimming, and then take them out to wear when they swim next time. They think that they swim in the water anyway, and there is no need to clean them again. But in fact, this is a wrong idea. They still need to clean their swimming trunks after swimming

Whether you are swimming in the swimming pool or in the sea, because the water is not clean (there is salt in the sea water, and there are chemicals in the water in the swimming pool), if you do not clean the swimming trunks after swimming, the swimming trunks may be corroded beyond wearing after several times; And swimming trunks are worn close to the body. If there are residual chemicals, they will be harmful to reproductive health

Therefore, after swimming every time, you must wash your swimming trunks in time, not on a large scale. You can wash your swimming trunks when you take a bath after swimming every time, and then clean them after swimming several times

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II. How to clean the swimming trunks

Generally, if you want to clean the swimming trunks, you should wash them in the bath after swimming. However, if you want to clean the swimming trunks thoroughly, you need to use cleaning tools. The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

1. After swimming, wash the swimming trunks with clean water for several times. Do not wring them dry. Roll them into a dry towel and let the towel absorb water

2. After returning home, wash with lukewarm water immediately. Soak in some neutral detergent (such as shower gel and shampoo) for 10 minutes (if there is sediment on the inner surface of the swimming trunks, soak it until the sediment is completely precipitated) and then scrub it with your hands

3. After washing the swimming trunks, put them in a cool place for drying. After they are completely dry, put them in a cool place for storage, and then take them out for the next swim

III. what are the precautions for cleaning swimming trunks

1. It is not recommended to use a washing machine to clean the swimming trunks, and do not use bleach and other corrosive cleaners

2. After washing the swimming trunks, do not wring them out too hard. It is recommended to put the swimming trunks flat on a dry towel, let the towel absorb the water from the swimming trunks, and then put them in a ventilated and cool place for air drying

3. Swimming trunks should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise the fabric will become dry and brittle, affecting the service life of swimming trunks

4. It is recommended to store the dried swimming trunks in a special storage box, mainly to keep the storage box ventilated and dry and away from cosmetics, laundry agents and other chemicals

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