What Are The Matching Methods Of Korean Women’s Fashion? How To Wear Korean Women’s Fashion

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Abstract: the Korean version of women’s fashion refers to the design of clothes with Korean style, such as high waistline. In recent years, waves of “Korean fashion” have hit the Chinese people. From the warm and romantic Korean dramas, to Korean dances and songs full of fashionable personality, to today’s Korean clothing, they have been entangled with the “Korean” flavor season after season. What are the collocation methods of Korean women’s fashion? How do Korean women’s clothes look good

[Korean women’s fashion] what are the matching methods of Korean women’s fashion? How to wear Korean women’s fashion

what are the collocation methods of Korean women’s fashion

1. Fashionable hollow T-shirt

★ Popular elements: bandages, hollowed out, popular clothes love hollowed out elements

★ Version: straight tube version, suitable for all shapes ~

★ Suitable age: mm~

★ Editor’s comment: a simple and fashionable clothing version can show the Han Fan of this women’s fashion hollowed out T-shirt without too many popular elements ~ hollowed out is the main popular element of this T-shirt. Whether it’s the hollowed out sleeve or the lace up at the neck, it’s a super unique design ~

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2. Casual splicing T-shirt

★ Popular elements: printing, splicing, gauze, popular elements that women love

★ Version: loose version, which can cover up meat well

★ Suitable age: 18-24 years old, make you look more youthful and energetic

★ Editor’s comment: the fashionable and popular Korean women’s printed T-shirt has long become a personalized and timeless fashion item. It also has a super popular fashion round neck design. It integrates three popular elements that women love, namely printing, splicing and gauze. Isn’t it what you want to find

3. Printed hollow T-shirt

★ Popular elements: printing, hollowed out ~

★ Version: loose, making mm super comfortable to move

★ Suitable age: mm aged 18-24

★ Editor’s comment: this women’s Korean printed hollow out T-shirt adopts high-quality fabrics, which are soft and comfortable, and double take care of MM’s skin. The exaggerated, popular and fashionable large-area printing pattern shows MM’s super fashionable atmosphere, as well as the hollow out design of sleeves, which is exquisite, but also particularly refreshing and atmospheric

4. Check printed T-shirt

★ Popular elements: printing, a fashionable T-shirt

★ Version: loose, effectively cover up body defects ~

★ Suitable age: mm aged 25-29 can be well dressed

★ Editor’s comments: the Korean version of the new popular women’s clothing – lattice printed T-shirt, has thin fabric, so that MM can still feel fresh even in hot summer. The black lattice is decorated with letter printing, highlighting MM’s personality, and it is not easy to hit the shirt. The hem of the clothes is also equipped with elastic bands, which is super convenient for modeling. My favorite is the lotus leaf sleeve, which is convenient for movement and can cover the flesh of the arm

5. Letter medium length T-shirt

★ Popular elements: printing, gauze ~

★ Version: loose, slimmer

★ Suitable for age: mm aged 18-24, super personality ~

★ Editor’s comments: ordinary cotton t-shirts use fashionable gauze decoration here, which looks cool and stylish, highlighting the fashionable touch of Han Fan mm. The versatile fashionable round neck design softens the facial lines, decorates the neck, and looks super temperament. Even the sleeves also use gauze sleeves, so that MM can be fresh and comfortable in summer. There are also indispensable fashionable letter printing, which fully shows the street fashion of Han Fan er

how to wear Korean women’s clothes

1. Whether the matching of the skirt or trousers with the shoes is harmonious

Pointed high-heeled shoes are not only the first trend, but also can make up for the body defects. Fitting pants with high-heeled shoes make the leg shape more slender. The super long skirt should not be matched with too thin shoes. The shoes with a little weight sense in the super long skirt have the most balance

2. Small and cute patterns should be selected, and the pattern design should be placed on the upper body as far as possible

Bold and eye-catching patterns are definitely not suitable for petite you. Small and cute patterns are perfect. The small and exquisite pattern and the small and lovely you complement each other

3. Use accessories to move the focus up

Scarves and ornaments on the neck or head can move others’ eyes up, and clothes with text patterns on the chest have the same effect

4. Sleeveless top is the most suitable

As long as your arms are not the fattest, sleeveless tops will make your body narrower, especially this sleeveless shirt that covers your shoulders and tight pants also make your legs look perfectly slender

5. Clear and distinct color system should be selected

Although dark clothes will make people appear thin, they will also make people shorter. Bright and simple clothes are most suitable for short girls. Short girls who like dark and plain colors can choose dark green clothes that are steady and full of vitality

6. Vertical stripe clothing is also the only rule for short people to wear

Whether wide or narrow vertical stripes are helpful to lengthen the body shape, short people should try to avoid horizontal stripes

People with plump bodies should not wear clothes with heavy materials, such as thick sweaters, which will make people look bloated. You can’t choose too loose styles, and it’s better to wear thin and fit clothes. In addition, the top should choose a pointed collar and a style longer than the hips, and the lower body should choose straight pants as the best choice

Thin people are not suitable for wearing vertical striped clothes. They can choose horizontal striped clothes or light colored clothes. The best style of clothing is a jacket with a hundred pleated skirt or eight piece skirt, fat leg pants, etc., striving to create a beautiful curve without looking like a bamboo pole

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