matching skills of men’s wool coat

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wool coat can be said to be a stylish and warm piece to wear. As a boy, wool coat is an essential dress in winter. It needs skills when wearing wool coat, otherwise it will be ugly

matching skills for men’s wool overcoats

a simple straight coat with a high collar sweater creates a rich sense of hierarchy. Such matching is capable, stylish and academic; The choice of pants can be a little more slim casual pants or straight leg pants, showing a more powerful aura while being slim in fashion

first of all, it is a versatile shirt, but it can be a solid color or a lattice shirt. Generally, men’s Woolen coats are darker, such as black, brown, gray, etc., which can be worn with a shirt. It looks like it can be both business and leisure

how to wash wool woolen overcoat at at home

1. Before washing, pat off the dust, and then soak it in cold water for 10-20 minutes (wool fabric will shrink and deform in an aqueous solution of more than 30 ¡æ, so it should be soaked in cold water for a short time)

2. Gently rub the clothes in the water with blue moon silk wool detergent or blue moon detergent. Do not rub them vigorously. If you want to machine wash them, choose light gear (the washing temperature should not exceed 40 ¡æ)

3. Rinse with clean water and squeeze dry

how to wash a wool coat is better

first, the water temperature should be about 35 degrees. When washing, you should gently squeeze it with your hands. Do not rub, knead or twist it with your hands. Never use a washing machine

II. Neutral detergent must be used. Generally, the ratio of water to detergent is 100:3

III. add cold water slowly during rinsing to gradually reduce the water temperature to room temperature, and then rinse it clean

IV. after washing, first press the water by hand, then wrap it with dry cloth, or use a centrifugal dehydrator. Pay attention to wrapping the wool coat with cloth before putting it into the dehydrator; Do not dehydrate for too long. Only dehydrate for 2 minutes at most

v. after washing and dehydration, the sweater should be spread out in a ventilated place to dry. Do not hang or expose it to the sun to avoid deformation of the sweater

a wool coat can be worn with a high collar sweater, which can create a good sense of hierarchy. The lower body can be matched with casual pants or straight leg pants, which will be thinner. You can also choose a checked shirt for the inside

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