How To Choose Children’s Underwear? How To Choose Underwear For Children

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Abstract: it is necessary for children to wear underwear. Wearing underwear for their baby can help the baby establish gender awareness, protect private parts, and help the baby carry out toilet training. So how should parents choose underwear for their baby? Children’s underwear can be selected from the aspects of style, material, size, pattern, color, etc. now let’s learn more about the purchasing skills of children’s underwear

how to choose children’s underwear

1. Style

Children’s underwear can be divided into boxers and briefs by style. Briefs are not easy to go naked, which is conducive to the protection of private parts, but they are relatively uncomfortable, and it is easy to cause prickly heat at the root of thighs in summer. Flat pants are loose and breathable, but they are easy to walk away, and their protective effect is relatively inferior. In short, each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key is to be loose, breathable and suitable for babies. If the baby doesn’t have specific preferences, it’s OK to wear two kinds of clothes instead. Generally speaking, girls choose briefs and boys choose boxers

2. Material

Baby underwear is required to be made of cotton, which is not only soft and close to the body, but also breathable and easy to absorb sweat. Even in hot summer, there is no need to worry about covering up prickly heat. The underwear with delicate and soft fabric, light and close fitting, makes children feel comfortable all the time, and the crotch made of cotton fabric can better protect children’s health

3. Size

Generally speaking, you must choose the appropriate size to be conducive to the growth and development of children. It is not good to be too small or too large, so choosing the appropriate size is very important. The size selection depends on the baby’s height, fat and thin, and can be selected according to the size marked on the label. Generally, the label of good shorts will indicate the age and size of pants suitable for wearing

In addition, there is a little trick: before buying underwear, you should measure your baby’s hip circumference in advance – measure the circumference along the bulge line of your baby’s little ass, plus 5cm. Choose underwear for your baby according to the measured hip circumference, so that the size of the underwear will be more suitable

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4. Pattern

Now children’s underwear has many patterns on it. Boys’ and girls’ underwear are very cute. You can choose the patterns or styles that children like, which can better arouse children’s desire to wear, and don’t worry about children’s dislike

5. Color

Dark underpants are easy to fade and contain various dyes. Too white underpants may be bleached by drugs and are easy to be allergic after contact. Therefore, underwear should be light colored, especially for female babies. Baoma can find health problems in time by observing the secretion on the underwear

6. Quantity

Underwear should be changed and washed frequently. Babies under the age of 2 are easy to wet their pants. The more you prepare, the better. After the age of 2, 4-6 pieces can meet your needs

7. Purchase method

Generally speaking, there are two common ways to buy now, one is through online purchase, and the other is through physical stores. It is recommended that mothers buy through physical stores, which can better ensure the quality and quality, and better check the quality of children’s underwear

8. After buying underwear, you need to wash it before wearing it

Many parents feel that the underwear is very clean after they buy it and put it on their children directly. The new underwear must be washed and dried before they can be put on their children. Cleaning is very simple. You only need to wash it with warm water and a little dirty detergent and dry it

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