How To Fold A Suit To Avoid Wrinkling? How To Fold A Suit Coat When Traveling

Abstract: for office workers, suits are essential entertainment clothes. Whether you collect it at home or carry it on business, you should pay attention to how to fold the suit. If the suit is not folded well, it is easy to wrinkle and affect the appearance. During daily collection, you can fold suits by folding left and right sleeves, folding up and down, and folding shirts. When you go out to fold suits, you must pay attention to the methods. Next, let’s learn about them with Xiaobian< p> how to fold a suit so that it won’t wrinkle

I. folding of left and right sleeves

1. First hold the collar of the suit with your hand, insert one hand into the inside of one shoulder, and turn the other shoulder out with the other hand. Some people will turn out their sleeves, which can actually be omitted

2. Remember to tidy up the sleeves, and then put the shoulders that have not been turned over into the turned over shoulders

3. Straighten up and down in the vertical direction to form a rectangle equal to the shoulder width from top to bottom

4. Fold the finished suit in half and align the shoulders and hem

5. In this way, the folded clothes can be put into the trunk or wardrobe, and can be placed on the top layer of the clothes, so that there will be no obvious creases when taken out

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II. Upper and lower half method

First, turn the suit coat upside down, but do not pull out the sleeves in the opposite direction. Then fold the two shoulders in half, and then fold the clothes horizontally, which is equivalent to a “field” shape. Try to use the straight-line folding method. This can ensure that the collar of the clothes is basically free of creases

III. imitation shirt folding method

This method is like folding a shirt. First, turn the suit upside down, overlap the two character sleeves and put them on the back of the suit, then the suit forms a rectangle, and then fold the upper and lower parts of the suit. Just place the front of the folded suit where you want it. The disadvantage of this method is that the folded suit can only be placed upright, not in other ways

how to fold a suit jacket when traveling

1. Wash and flatten the suit before traveling. During the journey, our folding skills have an amazing effect on preventing wrinkles, but we can’t do anything about the wrinkles or stains that have existed for a long time. To ensure that your suit stays in the best shape, take it to the dry cleaner for cleaning and ironing at least a week before your departure time

If you are in a hurry, you can iron the clothes yourself. In this case, make sure to iron the lapels of the suit carefully, because the folds may be hidden in other parts of the suit, but the folds of the collar of the suit cannot be hidden

2. Turn out the suit, turn out the lining of the suit, so that the lining is on the outside, which can protect the surface of the suit. Even if it is wrinkled during travel, it is more likely that the lining of the suit is wrinkled

3. Turn the shoulder pad outward, turn the sleeve over, and then put the fist on the shoulder so that the shoulder lining can be supported. After the shoulder is completely turned out, the suit can be folded more easily. If you don’t hold up the shoulder liner, it will be a bit troublesome to deal with the shoulder pads inside

4. Hold the suit vertically when folding. With one hand holding the two shoulders and the other hand holding the middle of the collar, it is more convenient to fold vertically. After folding, take care of the suit and put the padding outside

5. Horizontal half fold suit. Fold the clothes in half horizontally, then fold them in half from the top, so that they can be easily put into the suitcase after being folded flat

6. Put the suit in a plastic bag. In order to prevent the suit from being mixed with other luggage, it is best to put the suit in a plastic bag and separate it from other clothes. Gently put the neatly folded suit into a plastic bag (e.g. dry cleaning bag or zipper bag). Seal the plastic bag carefully. If you don’t have such a bag, use a strong plastic cloth, place the folded suit in the middle of the plastic cloth, and then fold the four sides in

If you use a plastic bag, try to leave a little air in the suit after it is packed to prevent the folded suit from being wrinkled by other clothes in the suitcase

7. Put the plastic bag with the suit in the suitcase. Try to make the box flat, avoid squeezing and reduce wrinkles. Only put other folded clothes on the suit. Don’t put hard and messy things, such as shoes, on the suit

precautions for suit folding

1. Reduce the carrying capacity of suits. If possible, put the clothes that are not afraid of folding in the luggage compartment. If only one suit is prepared, it can be directly worn out

2. After taking out the suit, try to find a hanger to hang it

3. Try to reduce the number of folds. If it is impossible to fold, fold along the route of the clothes as much as possible

4. When the suit is put into the suitcase, it is best to face the inside out to avoid wearing the outer color of the suit

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