What Brand Of Sportswear Is Good? What To Buy For Sportswear

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Introductionreadthe sportswear industry has a large number of brands in the market, and the product quality is uneven. Consumers will always face selection problems when purchasing, and do not know what brand to buy. How to choose sportswear? What brand of sportswear is good? What is more worth buying? Supported by the brand data provided by CNPP, Xiaobian carefully sorted out the sportswear brands worth buying, and provided relevant sportswear purchasing skills for your reference to help you choose the satisfactory sportswear brand products. What brand of sportswear is good? Sportswear brand recommendations where to buy sportswear is better sportswear brand shop sportswear purchase skills sportswear purchase precautions

what shoes does the sportswear match

Sports suits belong to the leisure sports series, which are generally matched with sports shoes, leisure board shoes, canvas shoes and running shoes. The key is to choose the style and color of shoes in harmony with sportswear. For example, dark colored sportswear can be matched with light colored and bright colored sports shoes, so that there is a matching highlight on the body, while bright colored sportswear can be matched with low-key sports shoes, so that the sportswear on the body can be the protagonist in the matching. It also depends on the specific style and length of sportswear. For example, if the sportswear is short or narrow, you can match it with high top board shoes. If it is a straight tube ordinary sportswear style, then high top board shoes are not the best choice

choose sportswear according to body shape

1. Belly bulge: cover a long T-shirt over the tights. Fat thighs or legs: choose dark or straight sportswear. If you wear a warm leg cover, tie it near the ankle. Don’t flatten it to the thigh

2. Those with large hips can wear tight gymnastics clothes with extremely high legs, tie a belt to draw others’ attention to the waist, and then match it with a pair of black or dark blue tight pants

3. Those with large breasts: the texture of sportswear should be elastic and supportive. Long sleeves are preferred and short sleeves should be avoided

4. Those who are too thin can wear colorful horizontal sportswear, and use decorations such as straps to emphasize the waist

5. Those whose legs are too thin should wear nylon sweatpants to make their legs fuller. With a warm leg cover, they can beautify the shape of their legs

6. Flat chested people: sportswear with lace at the neck should be bright and plump

7. Those with square shoulders: avoid sportswear with sleeves and wear vests

sportswear knowledge class

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when choosing sportswear, don’t blindly follow the purchase because the price is cheap. Choose a well-known brand, which not only guarantees the quality, but also guarantees the after-sales service. Of course, the pursuit of brand is not necessarily the pursuit of expensive prices. We can choose famous brand products at different prices at different economic levels. Friends who choose online shopping products should identify the flagship store of the brand, so that they can be foolproof

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