How To Change Pants Into Shorts

Abstract: are there many pants in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for a long time? Don’t worry about throwing them away. Maybe you can transform them into summer shorts! The method is also very simple. First, prepare scissors, needle and thread, trousers, cloth and other materials. Then you can cut the pants according to your own needs, but don’t cut them too short. It’s not good to cut the pockets. Finally, remember to iron it with an iron. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction< p> how to change pants into shorts


Old trousers, scissors, cloth, needle and thread, iron

the first: denim fabric

1. Turn the jeans inside out and lay them flat. Decide the length of your shorts, and then cut off the trouser legs evenly with scissors. Be careful not to cut off the pockets! It is better to leave a little more length during cutting, so as to facilitate continuous modification in the process of cutting, so as to adjust to the most suitable length and flatness

2. Put the jeans under the shorts with the cut trouser legs as an iron cloth, and put the shorts on top (turn the shorts back to the front). Fold and press the shorts’ edges outward, and then iron the pants’ edges with an iron

3. Make sure that the folded hem is kept at a uniform distance from the inside or outside

4. Fashion Vintage shorts complete

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the second type: elastic fabric

1. If the pants you want to cut are elastic fabrics, you must pay attention to completely flattening the pants when cutting. Otherwise, the shorts will be squeezed together, resulting in uneven cloth! So remember this

2. Cut one side of the trouser leg first, and then the other side to ensure that the length of both sides is uniform

3. Fold up the cut edges and sew them with needle and thread or glue them with cloth glue. Then iron it with an iron

4. If you use cloth glue, dry your shorts in a well ventilated place and then iron them with an iron

5. Finally, clean it, and you will have a pair of crisp and comfortable shorts

the third type: thick cloth

1. As for thick cloth pants, the production process is the same as that mentioned above, but the cutting should be hard to get better results

2. Similarly, fold the hem, sew it with needle or glue, and then iron it

3. Because the cloth is very thick, it is necessary to sew some stitches at the bottom of the trouser edge so that the folded trouser edge can be kept flat

4. Final completion! Such shorts can be worn all summer

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