How To Choose The Design Type Of Suit Skirt

Abstract: the fashionable and intellectual suit skirt is very popular with many girls. The suit skirt is based on the suit coat, which increases the length of the dress and becomes a skirt. Most of the suits’ skirts are designed with the waist closed, which can not only shape the superior body proportion, make the waist look slimmer, but also make the heavy suit fabrics look lighter. How to choose a suit skirt? What are the design types of suit skirt? Let’s learn about it< p> I. how to choose a suit skirt

1. Select

First of all, choose a suit skirt from the style, and different styles create a different fashion feeling. And the comfort of wearing is also a little different. It can be casual or elegant, which can be created through a suit skirt

(1) slim fit

The suit skirt of slim fitting style has high requirements for the body, especially for people with slim waist. It can not only outline the perfect body shape and show a strong feminine flavor, but also has the unique sense of formality of the suit and the charm of the dress. Therefore, it can be worn for shopping and dating, and is deeply loved by many fashion bloggers

(2) loose type

The loose style suit skirt does not have such high requirements for the figure. If the slim girls wear this kind of loose suit skirt, they can use the belt design to foil the slim feeling of the waist, and can also three-thirds of the figure to create a golden proportion of the figure. In addition, wear it with fashionable and classic high-heeled shoes to show the same temperament

(3) straight tube type

The whole shape of the straight tube suit skirt presents a straight tube shape. It doesn’t shrink and won’t be particularly fat. It’s just right to wear. Girls with some fat at the waist can try this style. It has a very good effect of covering the flesh and showing thin. If you match it with a pair of high boots, you can easily wear the visual sense of long legs

2. Select

In fact, color is also very important in the choice of suit skirt. Different colors will also show different temperament in the embodiment of clothes

(1) basic color system

In the choice of color, the first choice is the classic black and white gray, which is not only versatile but also not easy to make mistakes. The black suit skirt is more classic, no matter it is white or yellow, it will not be picky, and it is very thin. The slightly fat girl can easily wear it with a high sense. But black may seem a little dull, so we should pay more attention to accessories. In addition to black, you can also choose a white suit skirt, which has a high-level feeling in a capable and feminine style. If you are afraid of wearing a bloated feeling, it is recommended to choose a waist retracting style

(2) color system

Putting aside the classic black-and-white and grey three color suit skirt, choosing some personalized and beautiful colors can highlight the nature of fashion essence. In addition, the color can also have a pre emptive momentum, making the suit skirt show another ceremonial sense of small dress. For example, blue often makes people look fresher and more energetic, while pink suits and skirts give people a sense of youth in an instant. However, the color model is not so easy to control. If you don’t wear it well, it will look rustic. Therefore, you’d better choose the dark one to be calm and atmospheric

3. Select according to the fabric

Finally, choose a suit skirt from the fabric. Different materials have different skin feeling. Moreover, the fashion charm it creates is also different, and the effect of wearing it on different scenes is also a little different

(1) pure cotton fabric

The handle of pure cotton fabric will be relatively soft and smooth, and the upper body will fit the skin better, without any stuffy feeling. The pure cotton fabric has good perspiration absorption and air permeability. At the same time, it also has a certain affinity to the skin without any restraint. When choosing pure cotton, it mainly depends on the structure of knitting, and it is better to be neat and fine. When storing, it is best to hang it so that it can be worn without wrinkles

(2) polyester fabric

The scientific name of polyester plus polyester fiber, many people may feel that this kind of fabric is not high-grade enough. However, in fact, polyester dress is quite common. Many chiffon fabrics on the market are made of polyester fiber, which not only has a good sag, but also has a decent version. Moreover, the material itself has good elasticity and tension. It will be a little cool on the body and looks very textured. The suit skirt made of this material is not only smooth, but also very durable

(3) linen fabric

As a natural herb, flax is the most used fabric in summer, and it is the real “summer limit”. Flax fabric itself has a soft light effect. Although it feels slightly rough, the overall fineness is still visible to the naked eye. Superior linen is not only antistatic, but also helpful for sun protection. The suit skirt made of this material has a quiet and introverted temperament. It is the first choice for intellectual women and has a very vivid sense. And the size of flax is more stable. On the whole, it is more durable

(4) blended fabric

The suit skirt made of blended materials has a very soft touch, and its skin affinity is also very good. The upper body looks comfortable and comfortable. It has strong air permeability and moisture absorption. In terms of cleaning and care, it is also relatively simple, which is deeply liked by many girls

(5) satin fabric

The suit skirt made of Satin has a glossy feeling, and the visual sense is very brilliant. It looks gorgeous and looks good. It is one of the items that many fashion girls prefer. It is also very fashionable when paired with different combinations

(6) chemical fiber fabrics

The suit skirt made of chemical fiber material has a delicate touch and is smooth and smooth, and the drape on the body is also very outstanding. It is also very stylish. It is one of the materials that many girls like. It is also relatively simple in terms of care. This kind of suit skirt is also very popular with girls

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II. Design type of suit skirt

1. Suit skirt with check pattern

If it is to show Scottish style or retro feeling, it is natural that this popular design element of checkered pattern is indispensable. So, embodying this kind of checkered design in the suit skirt not only adds a lot of fashion elements to the design, but also adds more gentle charm to the whole person in the expression of the suit skirt. In addition, the design of this pattern can also reflect the feeling of college and inject more fresh vitality. For female friends, there is a mature femininity all over the body

2. Suit skirt with splicing design

The splicing design of the suit skirt is mainly to combine two colors that differ greatly in design, and can be displayed in the suit skirt. Such color design will enjoy a strong impact in the overall shape. People will have a sense of confusion visually, which can make the overall clothing more rich in color design, and also show the charm of fashion. This endless stream of colors is also an important design method that can attract the attention of many people

3. Suit skirt with half diagonal shoulder

In the aspect of style display, the suit skirt can not only reflect a capable temperament style, but also show the sexy side of women. For example, some diagonal shoulder design methods are used in the suit skirt, because this design style will not have too exaggerated design forms, and it is acceptable for most women. Although this design has personality, it is not publicized

Therefore, such a suit skirt with the most sense of design is also an important factor to show women’s sexy charm. Another very important point is that this diagonal shoulder design is very practical in daily life

Moreover, even if you participate in some grand occasions, you can choose this way to wear and match. It can play a very good role in showing the high sense and fashion

4. V-neck dress

The design of V-neck can be seen in most clothes. Naturally, there is no shortage of the design field of suit skirt. Such a V-neck, coupled with the choice of comfortable items of suit skirt, can be said to open the female aura. And this design method can also bring more mystery and leave endless imagination space for people. In addition, the design of the V-neck can also play a role in extending the neck and modifying the contour of the face, making the whole look thinner and more feminine

5. Suit skirt with shoulder pad design

The shoulder pad design is an essential design method for every suit. By adding the shoulder pad design to the suit skirt, the position of women’s shoulders can be widened, so as to create a right angle shoulder. And visually, the overall shape has a more three-dimensional and full presentation effect in terms of collocation. And it always exudes a feminine and capable temperament and style, which is more like that used by women in the workplace. Moreover, it does not lose the elegant charm brought by the skirt. This charming temperament can be said to be displayed to the extreme through the suit skirt of this design

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