[Principle Of Shark Skin Swimsuit] What Is The Working Principle Of Shark Skin Swimsuit

Abstract: what is a shark skin SWIMSUIT? Shark skin swimsuit is a high-tech swimsuit produced by Speedo company that imitates shark skin. Shark skin swimsuit is a nickname given by people according to its shape characteristics. Its core technology is to imitate shark skin. In addition, this swimsuit also fully integrates the principles of bionics. How does a shark skin swimsuit work< p> [principle of shark skin swimsuit] what is the working principle of shark skin swimsuit

what is shark skin swimsuit

shark skin swimsuit is a high-tech swimsuit made by Speedo company imitating shark skin. In October, 1999, fina officially allowed athletes to wear shark skin swimsuits. In the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Ian Thorpe won three gold medals in his shark skin swimsuit, making the shark skin swimsuit famous in the swimming world. Phelps, who wore a shark skin swimsuit in the 2009 World Championships, lost to Biderman, who wore arena products. The shark skin swimsuit was overtaken in the field of high-tech swimsuits. In july2009, fina decided to ban high-tech swimsuits globally by may2010. From 2000 to the prohibition of the use of high-tech swimsuits, shark skin swimsuits played a huge role in breaking the world record during this period, and also experienced the process from being a dominant player in the high-tech swimsuit industry to being overtaken by other companies

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the working principle of shark skin swimsuit

shark skin swimsuit is a nickname people give according to its appearance characteristics. In fact, it has a more resounding name: quick skin. Its core technology is to imitate the skin of sharks. Biologists have found that the rough V-shaped folds on the surface of shark skin can greatly reduce the friction of water flow, make the water around the body flow more efficiently, and the shark can swim quickly. The super stretch fiber surface of the quick skin is made by completely imitating the surface of shark skin. In addition, this swimsuit also fully integrates the bionics principle: mimicking human tendons at the seams to provide power for athletes when they stroke backward; It imitates human skin on the cloth and is elastic. Experiments show that the fast skin fiber can reduce the resistance of water by 3%, which is of great significance in the swimming competition where the victory or defeat can be determined by 1% of a second. Root cause: “shark skin” uses polyurethane fiber materials that can increase buoyancy. In october1999, fina officially allowed athletes to wear fast skin for competition

ultrasonic stitching technology is the most advanced garment stitching technology. The “shark skin” swimsuit produced by the famous Speedo company is stitched with this technology, and the resistance produced by the swimsuit is reduced to the lowest point

the working principle of this technology is to use the high-frequency oscillation to transmit the sound wave from the welding head to the welding surface of the work object, so that the molecules of the work object will rub instantly to reach the plastic melting point, so as to complete the rapid dissolution of solid materials and complete the welding. Its joint strength is close to that of a whole piece of continuous material. As long as the joint surface of the product is designed to match, there is absolutely no problem with complete sealing and no pins

there are many domestic companies that can produce internationally advanced ultrasonic suture machines. It is believed that this technology will be more widely used in the near future

the historical development process of shark skin swimsuits

the first generation of shark skin swimsuits

Fastskin in 2000

uses fibers to imitate the structure of shark skin, which can guide the surrounding water flow, reduce water resistance and improve the swimming speed by 3% ~ 7.5%. As the representative of shark skin, this swimsuit swept the world at the Sydney Olympic Games. 83% of the contestants chose to wear shark skin

second generation shark skin swimsuit

2004 fastakin 2

on the basis of the first generation, granular dots are added to the surface of the fabric to reduce the water resistance by 30%, and the overall function is 7.5% higher than that of the first generation. In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, 47 of the athletes who won medals wore this swimsuit on the podium

the third generation shark skin swimsuit

fastakin FS 2007_ Pro

is composed of oxygen proof elastic yarn and ultra-fine nylon yarn. Its elasticity is 15% higher than that of similar products, which can reduce muscle vibration and energy loss. In 2007, he helped athletes from all over the world break world records 21 times

the fourth generation shark skin swimsuit

2008 Fastskin LZR Racer

the fourth generation is composed of LZR pulse fabric with extremely light, low resistance, waterproof and quick drying performance. It is the world’s first set of wrinkle free competition swimsuit produced by high-tech fusion. Of the 16 new world records created in the past month, 14 were created by the swimmers wearing this bathing suit

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