What To Wear For Swimming In Hot Springs In Winter

Abstract: the good season for hot spring vacation is now, so it is very important to choose a suitable swimsuit. Wearing a suitable swimsuit to take photos will burst with confidence. So how to fit your swimsuit according to your figure? For example, many Oriental women worry that their breasts are not full enough. For women with small and flat breasts, if they want to make their breasts look fuller, they must choose some swimsuits with pleats on the front chest, because the pleats with three-dimensional sense can make their breasts look fuller. Let’s have a look< p> purchase of winter swimwear: high slit swimwear

suitable for people with thick legs or petite and exquisite body

swimsuit features: people with too wide crotch should be cautious. Petite people might as well choose twill swimsuit on the pattern, which will visually make the legs appear longer and make the lines more beautiful

Xiaobian reminds: the crotch is exposed, so the requirements for the waist and crotch are very high

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winter swimsuit purchase: Bikini Swimsuit

suitable for people: people who are symmetrical as a whole and do not have too much belly fat, short women can also try

swimsuit swimsuit features: bikini will make you look more slender. Because there are more exposed parts, overweight people should avoid this style

Xiaobian reminder: the requirements for the flatness index of the lower abdomen are quite high, and the requirements for the overall quality of the body are not low, so it is suitable for too few people

purchase of winter swimwear: flower pattern swimwear

suitable for people: thin people

swimsuit features: slim and beautiful eyebrows, because after the swimsuit fabric is stretched, the flower pattern will have the effect of stretching and swelling, and visually look plump; Women with flat breasts can also choose some swimsuit styles with pleats on the front chest. In terms of color, they can choose swimming suits with bright colors such as pink and yellow, which can make the lines more prominent; The plump eyebrows, small patterns and plain swimsuits will be more suitable choices

Xiaobian reminds: the effect of horizontal development is obvious, and obese women are cautious

winter swimsuit purchase: skirt swimsuit

suitable for people: people who are not satisfied with their hips

swimsuit features: if the hips are too plump, wear short skirt swimsuit with exaggerated patterns on the upper body, which can effectively cover the fat hips. If your hips are too thin, wear a skirt style swimsuit, and a small petticoat will make your hips look more beautiful

Xiaobian reminder: skirt swimwear has high requirements for legs, and it is not suitable for people who are too thick or too short

purchase of winter swimwear: large V-neck one-piece swimwear

suitable for people with full breasts, too fat waist and hips and short upper body

swimsuit features: the vertical arrangement of colors and the use of zippers can make people look taller and taller. It is also suitable for women with short upper body

Xiaobian reminder: the neckline is opened relatively low, and those with too small chest should wear it with caution

winter seasonal swimsuit shopping: long split swimsuit

suitable for people: people who are not satisfied with their upper body (such as lower abdomen and arms) but are eager for split experience

swimsuit features: compared with bikini, there are many more fabrics. If you need to cover your lower abdomen, you can choose a long vest. If you need to cover your thick arms, you can choose a shirt style

Xiaobian’s reminder: once you look at it, you may mistakenly think it is one-piece, but the actual effect of abdominal tucking is still not as good as one-piece swimsuit

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