how to match long boots

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in winter, boots are a very long shoe in daily life. There are many types of boots, among which long boots are the most popular among girls. They are fashionable to wear and also show your figure. The following is a short series to bring you the method of matching long boots

how to match the long boots with the

jeans + long boots to help you feel fashionable on the street

if you want to pop the street girls easily, you can take a look at the matching of these jeans and long boots. They are simple and sexy. They look good with both long and short coats. Today’s grass planting outfit chooses light denim tight pants to collide with long boots. It looks thin without losing the sense of hierarchy. Wherever you go is the focus

the combination of tight jeans and boots can easily expose the problem of leg shape? You can choose to decorate the leg type of Knight boots, and get this kind of wearing method. That is to learn from this look without revealing the jeans. The whole collocation shows the visual effect of being loose at the top and tight at the bottom, covering the flesh and showing thin. If you wear it open, the placket just shows half of the leg width, and you can carefully show the slender feeling of your legs, showing a very slim figure

for the small beauty, it is recommended that you refer to this outfit. Jeans and boots should be of similar colors, which can visually extend the leg length. But this body collocation, also carefully chose the dark color with visual contractility, and the upper body looks tall and thin. The length of the upper body can be shortened and the perfect proportion of the nine head body can be easily worn by matching with the short coat + high waist line

a-line skirt + long boots, saving pear shaped figure

a neat and tall short coat with a tall upper body, which is difficult for many beauties to refuse. It’s just a combination of long boots, which is too unfriendly to the goddess of pear shaped figure, and it is easy to wear a body defect with a thick waist and wide hips. The combination of A-line short skirt and long boots can easily save you. The line feeling of A-line skirt, combined with long boots, can easily modify the goddess curve of thin waist and long legs

of course, if you want to become a goddess with long legs, you should not forget to emphasize the high waistline in the matching of A-line skirt. In autumn and winter, the most practical way is undoubtedly to tuck the jacket into the skirt, which is thin and can stretch the leg ratio. In addition, for today’s grass planting, the lower part of the body is carefully matched with the color matching machine. The color matching is comfortable and continuous, and the upper body is relaxed and high

the wearing method of disappearing bottoms is fashionable and shows long legs.

the wearing method of disappearing bottoms, which is the favorite of fashion elite, is also suitable for winter. For example, the look of today’s grass planting group, with a distance of 8 to 10 cm between the medium length cotton padded clothes and the long boots, not only highlights the sense of hierarchy and shows the small sexiness, but also makes the tightness contrast of the upper and lower orders more obvious, thus highlighting the slender feeling of the legs and easily concave the thin and beautiful shape

the reason why the boots always slide down

1. The legs are too thin

2. The boot is too wide

3. The boot leather is too soft to support

what should I do if the boot barrel is too wide

I: go to the place where the shoes are repaired and ask the master for a wide rubber band. Measure the size at the place just above the knee. Just make a tight circle. Then, look for some hidden points in the boots, and ask the master to tie them on the boots to ensure that they will never slide again, because hiding in the boots will not affect the beauty

II: punch a tie, add a V-shaped opening at the back of the boot, punch two holes, and find a belt of the same color to tie it. It can be tied into a bow. Although it is exposed, it is still very beautiful

boots can be matched with jeans, which is actually a classic matching method. Light denim skinny pants collide with boots, which looks thin without losing the sense of hierarchy. Boots can be matched with A-line skirt, which is thin and can stretch the proportion of long legs

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