How To Wash Fox Fur? How To Deal With Yellowing Fur

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Fur refers to clothes made of animal fur, which has the function of keeping warm. Nowadays, fur is more beautiful and expensive, and it is also the consumption object of many consumers. Fox fur grass is very expensive, so there is also attention when choosing to clean it. For white fox fur, in fact, it is bleached before leaving the factory. After wearing it for a period of time, it will turn yellow. Self maintenance bleaching is an essential step. How to wash fox fur grass? What if the fur falls off? How to deal with yellowing fur? In view of these problems, the following editor will introduce them one by one

Introduction to fur

source of raw materials

Fur animals such as foxes, rabbits, minks, beavers, otters and raccoons are the materials often selected by fur clothing manufacturers. In addition to the above animals, some large cats are also the source of fur. Most fur raw materials come from artificial farms. However, there are also a very few illegal traders who indiscriminately hunt and kill wild animals to obtain their fur. Xiaobian reminded the international community that there are strict restrictions and sanctions on illegal acts such as the circulation of fur of wild animals such as seal skins

Rex rabbit skin:Rex rabbit is a short haired rabbit. Its short and neat hair has good warmth retention and is not easy to fall off

marten:it belongs to fine fur fur, which has three characteristics: “the wind blows the fur warmer, the snow falls, the snow disappears, and the rain falls, and the fur is not wet”

fox fur:fur has a wide range of colors. It is a treasure in fur and is known as one of the three fur pillars in the world

raccoon skin:the needle hair is long, elastic, and the nap is thin, soft, and flexible. It is a relatively valuable raw fur for fur making. Raccoon fur is light, warm and durable, and has strong cold resistance

washed sheepskin:sheepskin is still very soft after washing, but the problem of cortex is still related to the raw materials used before treatment, but the washing process is complex


it can be divided into early maturity, medium maturity, late maturity and the latest maturity according to the maturity of the hair coat

according to the processing method:tanning, dyeing and finishing, shearing, wool leather

according to appearance characteristics:thick fur (Fox Fur), medium thick fur (marten fur), thin fur (Persian Lamb Skin)

Fur brand

fur cleaning method

Fox fur

① Shake the fur first before cleaning to separate dust and other particles from the fur

② If there is dirt, spread dry oat bran or corn flour on the fur. These substances absorb dust and dirt easily

③ Then comb out the corn flour and bran, and gently shake the coat to take away the dust and dirt

④ The stains should be cleaned with detergent and rags, and the stained area should be patted with rags instead of kneading to avoid getting rid of the hair. After the stains are removed, dry them in the air

⑤ If you want to wash with water, please treat the stained part of fox fur grass before washing, and it is best not to get the part of the skin

⑥ Dilute half bottle cap fur softener and half bottle cap fabric softener with hot water, add warm water at 20-30 ℃ and mix well

⑦ Then put the processed clothes into hand washing and gently wash them; Finally, dry and dehydrate

Mink fur

① Do not wash with soaking, just wipe along the hair direction with a wet towel

② You can use magnesium oxide powder and talc powder to remove stains, and then use a blower to blow away the dust

③ Or send the mink coat to a special cleaning service shop for cleaning

Rex Rabbit Fur

① Partial cleaning: you can lay a wet towel on the dirty place, and then iron it with an iron

② Wash with cold water: hang up the fur, wet the dirty place, and then gently rub it with mild shampoo

③ You can send it to the dry cleaner for professional personnel to clean the fur

④ If you are stained with alcohol or oil, you can hang up the fur and dip it wet, and use a toothbrush with detergent to wash it along the hair direction

⑥ Xiaobian reminded that it is best to clean with professional fur cleaning products

Fur maintenance method

Indoor storage

① It is best to hang in a dark, low temperature, well ventilated and dry environment

② Please hang it on a special hanger with a high neck and wide shoulders, cover it with a silk cover, and store it in an airy wardrobe

③ There should be at least 6cm space between fur and other clothes to let fur “breathe”

④ Don’t pollute the fur with other chemicals

⑤ In summer, special attention should be paid to avoid high temperature and humidity and the damage of insects and ants

Outdoor protection

① When wearing fur clothes, please keep away from heat sources, especially heaters

② When dining in the restaurant, you can carefully fold the fur and put it on the chair, and ask the waiter to wrap it with a large suit instead of hanging it on the hook or shelf

③ If you sit in the car or cinema for a long time, you should take off your fur clothes to avoid pressing it

④ Be careful not to let the bag rub against the fur for a long time

⑤ Wearing silk scarves can make the oil and cosmetics on the skin not dirty the collar of leather clothes

⑥ Never use sharp things to scrape the fur

⑦ Don’t spray perfume on fur

⑧ Don’t try to comb the fur with a comb

⑨ Never heat, bake or expose to the sun

⑩ Regularly send them to professional fur maintenance shops for ironing and polishing

Treatment of common fur problems

Fur shedding

freezing method:pack the fur that has fallen off with a clean plastic bag, seal it with a rubber band, and then put it into the freezer for 15 minutes

salt water immersion method:when washing fur, add a little salt to the water and soak for a while before washing

steam ironing method:use steam ironing method to make the floating hair on the fur fall off as soon as possible, and the real hair will not be ironed away

blow with a hair dryer:comb with dense teeth first, then blow with a hair dryer several times, and then wipe the fur with a wet towel after blowing

Yellowing of fur

① First mix 2% ammonia water with borax mixture (an appropriate amount of water can be added), soak the fur in water for about 20 minutes, then wash it according to the normal washing method, and then rinse it with clean water

② Maigo suggested that you can also mix soap, turpentine and ammonia in the ratio of 10:2:1 and dry in the shade

③ Bleaching can also change the yellowing of fur and make the fur look new. However, bleaching has a big disadvantage, that is, the yellowing speed of fur after chemical bleaching is faster, because the internal materials of fur have changed due to the influence of bleaching chemicals, which makes it easier to have signs of yellowing

Fur hardens

① Remove the hanging surface of the fur clothing, brush the hardened part of the leather plate with hot soapy water or washing water, and gently rub it with your hands after standing for half an hour to make the leather plate fully soft

② Then brush with 1:5:500 hot solution of sulfuric acid, alum and water, and let it stand overnight; The next day, apply leather fatliquoring agent on the shrinking part

③ After standing for 4 hours, hang it to dry. When it is 70-80% dry, remove the part of the leather coat that is touched and rub it soft. It can be reused after it is completely dry

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