What Are The Middle Leg Pants? How To Match The Middle Leg Pants

Abstract: middle leg pants, also known as quarter length pants and half length pants, refer to pants that are long to the middle of the legs. They are generally loose versions, which can better hide meat and optimize the width of the false crotch after the upper body. When wearing middle leg pants, you need to pay attention to some skills in collocation, such as selecting high waist middle leg pants, paying attention to the selection of pants length, paying attention to the collocation of middle leg pants with top color, avoiding heavy lower body when wearing, and selecting middle leg pants according to appropriate occasions. Let’s take a look at the matching skills of middle leg pants< p> I. what are the middle leg pants?

Middle leg pants are pants that reach the middle of the leg, that is, the knee. They are also called quarter pants. Most of these pants are loose, so they can hide meat well after the upper body, and can also optimize the width of the false crotch. In addition, the middle leg pants have a somewhat neutral style, which looks very elegant when worn with the “asexual style”

II. How to match the middle leg pants

When wearing middle leg pants, in order to look better, you can use some matching skills, such as:

1. Select the high waist mid leg pants

It is recommended not to buy low waist style for mid leg pants, which will make it easier to appear short legs; The medium and high waist pants can be tied into the top to improve the waistline and lengthen your legs

2. The selection of pants length is very important

Middle leg pants, also known as quarter length pants, are pants as long as ordinary pants. If you want to make your legs longer, it is recommended to change into pants that just cover your thighs and cut the length of your knees; If you want to wear casual and handsome, you might as well try a length just a little above the knee

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3. Pay attention to the matching with the top color

If the top is a more fancy style, it is recommended to choose a solid color style for the middle leg pants; If the top is a solid color style, the middle leg pants can choose a more fancy style, which can not only ensure that the matching is not too monotonous, but also avoid being too fancy and messy

4. Avoid heavy lower body

Pay attention to the matching of middle leg pants. Don’t have too many complicated designs or put too many things on the lower body, so as not to make the matching of lower body more heavy, loose and visually shorter legs

5. Choose middle leg pants according to appropriate occasions

Middle leg pants have a variety of materials and fabrics. Different materials are suitable for different occasions. For example, the middle leg pants of Western pants are more suitable for formal occasions, because they have good draping and wrinkle resistance, and are relatively crisp; Denim middle leg pants and sports style middle leg pants are more casual, which are suitable for daily wear; Linen medium leg pants are the most comfortable, but they are fatter and can be worn at home

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