What Is Children’s Hanfu Like? How To Choose The Right Hanfu For Children

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Abstract: there are many styles in the children’s clothing market. With the development of Hanfu, many children’s clothing manufacturers have also launched children’s Hanfu. Compared with adult Hanfu, children’s Hanfu has more lovely elements and cartoon patterns, which are usually shorter, and the fabric and production technology are better. Generally, when choosing Hanfu for children, we should pay attention to the appropriate style and fabric, as well as its workmanship and price. Children should also pay attention to safety when wearing Hanfu. Considering children’s nature, children should avoid wearing long Hanfu and try to reduce wearing accessories. Now let’s learn about children’s Hanfu

I. what is children’s Han suit like

As a kind of popular clothes, Hanfu is usually worn by adults. However, with the development of Hanfu market, there are also children’s Hanfu. What is the Hanfu customized for children like

1. The design of children’s Hanfu is mainly cute, reflecting the innocence of babies. Many cartoon patterns that cannot be used in adult Hanfu can be boldly tried

2. Children’s nature is lively, so generally, Han clothes designed for children are more convenient for activities, such as short brown

3. It is better not to have large prints on the Hanfu. You can choose embroidery to increase the beauty, because embroidery will not fade, and printing will fade in large pieces. The fading is likely to touch the child’s skin, causing allergy, and it is likely to burn the skin due to chemical reaction, which will also affect the beauty

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II. How to choose suitable Chinese clothes for children

Many parents who love Hanfu will also choose a good-looking Hanfu for their children, so how to choose children’s Hanfu

1. Choose a style

There are many styles of Hanfu, including double lapel, cross collar, Ru skirt, jacket skirt, straight train deep clothes, Zhu Zi deep clothes, etc. ancient children can only wear clothes or trousers before the age of 13-15, and can’t wear long clothes. Although there is not so much emphasis in modern times, it is also recommended to wear short Hanfu, so as not to affect activities

2. Choose fabric

There are also many fabrics for Hanfu, such as cotton, chiffon, silk, blended, woolen, silk and satin, which are commonly used, some of which will be added with a little lace. Cotton and woolen Hanfu are comfortable to wear, and the price is relatively cheap. Silk and satin are more expensive, but the comfort is better. The fabric requirements of children’s Hanfu are higher than those of adults. We should pay attention to choosing breathable and comfortable fabrics

3. See the process

There are generally two kinds of craft for making Hanfu, printing and embroidery. For children’s Hanfu, embroidery is more expensive, but healthier

4. Look at the price

At present, the price of children choosing Hanfu is basically about 100-300 yuan in the market, which is relatively acceptable. It is not recommended to buy children’s Hanfu that is too expensive or too cheap

III. what should children pay attention to when wearing Hanfu

1. It is not recommended that children under the age of 6 wear Hanfu, because Hanfu is inconvenient to wear and take off, and some styles have many bandages, which will cause obstacles to children’s play; Moreover, children’s digestive system and urinary system are not fully developed, and the number of excretions is more. It will be very inconvenient to wear and take off troublesome Hanfu

2. Children should try to avoid wearing ornaments when wearing Hanfu. Many Hanfu ornaments include small beads and sequins. Some children may put beads into their mouths as candy

3. Try not to choose long Hanfu or Hanfu skirt, because if the skirt is too long, many children who like to run and jump may step on the Hanfu skirt and fall down, which is harmful to their health

In short, although children’s Hanfu looks good, parents should also pay attention to the safety of children wearing Hanfu

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