What Kind Of Pajamas Should Middle-Aged And Elderly Wear? How To Choose Middle-Aged And Elderly Pajamas

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Abstract: many old people are used to sleeping in vests in summer, so they are prone to wind chill, which will not only cause shoulder and neck pain, but also coronary heart disease patients are prone to angina pectoris and other symptoms after cold stimulation. Wearing a suit of suitable pajamas can protect your shoulders and neck from cold. The middle-aged and elderly people have no more patterns than young people. When choosing pajamas, they should not be too thick, and should be light and soft. The size should be wide and comfortable, especially the collar part should be loose, do not hinder breathing. Now let’s have a look with Xiaobian

what kind of pajamas should middle-aged and old people wear?

1. Pajamas should protect shoulders, neck and abdomen, which are parts that are afraid of cold. Older people are prone to degenerative diseases such as scapulohumeral periarthritis and cervical spondylosis. In addition, there are more elderly people with deficiency of cold in the spleen and stomach, so these parts should be protected during sleep. Pajamas protect shoulders and prevent periarthritis of shoulder; The collar “covers the back of the neck” to prevent and treat cervical spondylosis; Pajamas are loose and fat, covering the abdomen to prevent the abdomen from getting cold

2. Pajamas should not be too thick. Even in winter, they should be light and soft. Too thick pajamas are uncomfortable to wear and have poor air permeability, which is not conducive to skin metabolism and sweat evaporation

3. Pajamas should be spacious and comfortable, especially at the collar, so as not to hinder breathing. So you can buy one size larger than your coat

4. Pajamas are better made of cotton and silk, because these materials are breathable, hygroscopic and comfortable to wear

5. Depending on the style, it is best to have two sets. The top is a short sleeved or long sleeved cardigan, and the lower body is pants or trousers. The jacket can be appropriately longer, which can avoid getting cold at the waist when sleeping. The length of pants is best to cover the knees

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which kind of pajamas can’t be worn

1, Jumpsuit

This kind of pajamas will affect free turning. For example, the corners of the clothes are pressed under the body, and the clothes are piled up on the chest, which will not only affect breathing, hurt bone swordsmen, but also easy to catch a cold

2, chemical fiber pajamas

Chemical fiber and wool fabrics are easy to cause static electricity, and direct contact will stimulate the skin, resulting in decreased immunity or nerve disorders. At the same time, they do not absorb sweat, which is not conducive to temperature regulation during sleep

3. Tight pajamas

Tight pajamas look fashionable and personality, and are popular with young women. But clinging to the body is not conducive to skin sweating and temperature regulation, but also affects blood circulation

4, red or yellow pajamas

Bright red, orange and yellow can make people excited, which is not conducive to sleep. Some dark pajamas may add more chemicals when dyeing, which is bad for the skin

5, hooded pajamas

When sleeping, pressing the hat under the body will “lift” the neck, causing pain, pillow and other discomfort. Compression of the neck can lead to poor blood circulation and shallow sleep

6, pajamas with elastic waist

It is easy to make red marks on the waist, affect blood circulation, and make the legs swollen and even numb. The optional waist is lace up, and the belt is slightly loosened when sleeping

7, thick knit pajamas

This kind of pajamas has a thick texture and hard edges at the seams, which will irritate the skin. It is best to choose cotton or silk pajamas that feel smooth, soft and have fine stitches

8, a little thick pajamas

Some pajamas are thick and hairy, which will increase the friction with the bed and quilt, hinder muscle relaxation and sleeping posture adjustment, and is not conducive to the free turning of the body

how to wear the healthiest pajamas for the elderly

Some old people are used to sleeping in thick clothes, especially taking a nap. In fact, doing so is very unhealthy

When sleeping, the brain and muscles enter a resting state, the number of heart beats is reduced, and the reflex movement and tension of muscles are weakened. At this time, undressing and sleeping can quickly eliminate fatigue and make all organs of the body have a good rest. If you sleep with your clothes, you will not only sleep more and more tired, but also easily cause a cold. Because the human skin can secrete and emit some chemicals, sleeping with clothes will undoubtedly hinder the normal “breathing” of the skin and the evaporation of sweat. The compression and friction of clothes on muscles will also affect blood circulation, resulting in the reduction of body surface heat. Even with a thick quilt, you will feel cold and easy to catch a cold

Sleep quality is more important for the elderly than sleep time. The room temperature is best controlled at about 20 ℃, and the humidity is better at about 60%. Try to reduce light interference and close the curtains during nap. Maintain air circulation, and the specific opening degree of doors and windows should be determined according to personal conditions. If you are afraid of the cold, you can close the bedroom window and open the bedroom door and the living room window to keep the indoor air circulating in this way

Wear suitable pajamas. Pajamas advocate comfort, which is suitable for unrestrained and flexible. The fabrics are mainly natural fabrics, such as cotton cloth, knitted fabric with good ventilation and moisture absorption performance, and silk material with soft skin care is preferred

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