[Pants Shopping] It Is Necessary To Play Handsome Pants! Teach You To Choose The Right Trousers

trousers are undoubtedly very important for professionals. No matter matching with a handsome white shirt or a more stylish suit, you can look more energetic. Of course, trousers are not always supporting roles. They can also shine at the right time, and it’s no problem to be handsome. How to choose pants? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to choose the fitting trousers to help you create a stable and capable workplace image

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trousers length: when purchasing trousers, the length should not cover the foot surface. It is best not to have horns, waves or folds, otherwise the lines will not be beautiful. Trousers that are about 1 cm longer than the foot surface are easy to damage the straight “lines” of the legs and become “broken lines” visually

Color of trousers: the selection of trousers depends on whether the color of the fabric is coordinated with the matching suit. Generally speaking, there are more dark colors. People above middle age look solemn, deep and meaningful in dark colored trousers; Young people wear light colored trousers, which make them look lively and lively

Trousers waist: a man’s “waist” is not as obvious as a woman’s, but as long as the waist falls just above the navel, you can have a clean feeling. The waist circumference of suit pants can be modified by about 2 inches smaller or 1.5 inches larger. Once this range is exceeded, the pants shape and the horizontal line of the pocket will change, making the whole pants lose their original texture

Workmanship of trousers: when purchasing trousers, the inner and outer stitches on the left and right of the trouser legs should be combined together to see whether the trouser threads are taken from them; When trying on, the front and back pleats should be natural and vertical, the front trouser legs should not have creases, and the back thigh line generally goes straight to 5cm of the hip line; Then carefully check whether the seams of the placket, trouser pocket and trouser waist are firm and uniform, and there should be no serious cutting errors and sewing defects

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just as the saying goes, “people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles”, don’t believe that “people look good in everything they wear, and people look ugly in everything they wear”. Wearing decent clothes can add a lot of points to yourself. When shopping for trousers, please remember to wear the shirt, belt, leather shoes and suit coat that you want to match into a whole set, so that you can see the overall look when trying them on. When trying on, just remember to keep the usual posture, so that you can really buy high-quality suit pants that give consideration to natural comfort and handsome

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