What Are The Purchase Methods Of Cheongsam? How To Choose A Suitable Cheongsam

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Abstract: cheongsam has a development history of more than 300 years. It is a unique clothing for Chinese women with strong national characteristics, reflecting the traditional art of grazing of the Chinese nation. So how do we choose the right cheongsam when we buy it? What are the ways to choose cheongsam

[cheongsam purchase] what are the purchase methods of cheongsam? How to choose a suitable cheongsam

Cheongsam has become the clothing that can best reflect the beauty of Chinese women. Cheongsam, the most Chinese clothing made of the most Chinese fabrics, silk and brocade, is worn on the slender Chinese women with high bun. The Oriental beauty and charm are amazing. Here, cheongsam has transcended the general sense of clothing and become a symbol

how does the bride choose a cheongsam

Color choice bright red: suitable for older brides, because bright red can show the bride’s steadiness and generosity

Rose Red: suitable for younger brides, because their skin is very good, lined with rose red, can make the bride look young and beautiful

Dark red: suitable for stable and well-educated women

White: suitable for brides who pay more attention to the quality of life and earn a lot of money. Some of them can roll red edges or inlay large areas with silver sequins, which will appear very elegant

Qipao and thin brides are not suitable for wearing Qipao in a strict sense

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The figure is thick and large, which is suitable for wearing X-shaped cheongsam. This style can cover up the plump hips

The bride with lively and active personality is also suitable to wear X-type, so that the bride can stand, walk and sit more freely

The bride with well proportioned figure and good leg shape can show the advantage of shape by wearing cheongsam with bifurcated sides

occasion of wearing cheongsam

Formal occasions generally refer to participation in festival ceremonies, foreign affairs visits, grand meetings, literary and artistic performances, wedding banquets, etc. the cheongsam worn must be high-grade fabric (such as brocade weaving), solemn style (such as traditional Chinese painting cheongsam, embroidered cheongsam), and exquisite workmanship. All buttons must be fastened when wearing. Pay attention to hair style and makeup. Generally, other clothes are not required. Informal occasions generally refer to family reunion, friend gatherings, travel, leisure walks, family breaks, etc. at this time, you can choose cheongsam with more general fabric, style and workmanship. Of course, you can also choose high-end cheongsam to wear in informal occasions. You can choose other accessories, such as leather shoes, scarves, glasses, handbags, etc., and make full use of your own characteristics and hobbies to match them carefully

selection of cheongsam

1. Variety selection

For example, the wedding cheongsam is not only made of high-quality fabric, but also brightly colored and full of festive colors; The Qipao fabric for welcoming guests to dinner should be high-grade and luxurious, with soft and generous colors, and a stable and elegant appearance; Casual cheongsam can be arbitrary, highlighting personality and body beauty, comfortable and generous to wear

2. Specification selection

Because everyone’s figure has its own particularity, and cheongsam is a kind of clothing that tends to be tight and close, size specification is an important indicator for choosing cheongsam. Therefore, to buy cheongsam, you must accurately measure your “three circumference”, namely chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference, and it is appropriate or slightly more than the “three circumference” of cheongsam. Then, try it on in the dressing room to see whether its “three circumference” is close to the body and comfortable, followed by the length of the collar, body, sleeve, fat and thin, etc. The size of cheongsam is different from dress and other clothes, and the requirements are very strict, otherwise it will lose its style and originality

3. Fabric selection

Cheongsam material selection is very extensive. For cheongsam, which is usually worn in daily life, you can choose pure cotton printed fine cloth, printed poplin, yarn dyed poplin, assorted poplin, all kinds of hemp yarn, printed horizontal satin, jacquard and other thin fabrics in summer; The self-made short cheongsam is light, cool, beautiful and practical. In spring and autumn, you can choose chemical fiber or blended fabrics, such as all kinds of shiny silk, polyester silk, and all kinds of thin tweed and other fabrics. Although these fabrics have poor moisture absorption and permeability, their appearance is more crisp, smooth, gorgeous and pleasing to the eye than cotton fabrics, which is very suitable for wearing in lukewarm seasons

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