What Sports Are Suitable For Autumn? Recommended Methods For Exercise And Fitness In Autumn

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Abstract: the temperature difference between day and night changes greatly in autumn. Exercise can give the body benign stimulation, and make people’s temperature regulation mechanism constantly in a state of tension, which helps to improve people’s adaptability to environmental changes, improve the function of cardiovascular system, and make it easier to adapt to the climate change after entering the winter season. So, what sports are suitable for autumn? What are the methods of exercise and fitness in autumn

choose sports according to sports characteristics

indoor sports in autumn

(1) rope skipping

Rope skipping is a popular fitness sport suitable for autumn and winter. It is easy to learn, time-saving and cheap, and almost everyone can do it. Skipping rope is beneficial to the body and mind. Skipping rope for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or dancing for fitness for 20 minutes. It can be described as a kind of strength training that takes less time and consumes more energy

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(2) Aerobics

Overeating and lack of exercise lead to fat accumulation. Slimming exercises can not only aim at local shaping, but also improve intestinal digestive function and achieve the effect of reducing food intake. With the rhythmic music, you can burn fat in the constantly changing actions, and you won’t feel bored if you exercise in time for a long time

(3) Badminton

Friends who love indoor sports might as well choose this fitness method. Pay attention to prevent sports injury during exercise. Straightening the waist can keep the muscles on both sides of the spine in a tense state, and can well protect the spine, so as to prevent “flashing” when playing badminton. It is suggested that when warming up, consciously lift your toes, or stand upright, jump on the ground with the front sole of your foot, or squat with the front sole of your foot on the ground. These actions can effectively stretch the Achilles tendon and avoid rupture of the Achilles tendon

Outdoor sports in autumn

(1) cycling

Cycling is the most popular outdoor sport at present. You will feel particularly comfortable outdoors. In the process of cycling, you can use different intensities and rhythms, or practice cycling on different terrains. In the whole process, when you ride over obstacles and combine speed and speed perfectly, your fat is also burning rapidly, which is simply a way to enjoy thin fun

(2) Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is also an aerobic exercise, which can increase the protein in the blood and increase human immunity. At the same time, mountain climbing can also help the timely excretion of harmful substances in the body, such as carcinogens, toxins, etc., and promote the metabolism of the human body, so that fat can be consumed quickly, which has a good slimming effect. The best time for mountain climbing to lose weight is after 3 p.m., which can effectively burn body fat

(3) Running

Running is the best aerobic exercise at present. Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, help lose weight and build up body, mainly jogging

(4) Let’s go

Walking fast in autumn can not only achieve the effect of slimming down, but also have obvious effect on strengthening the body

The difference between fast walking and walking is that fast walking is a fast-paced short-term exercise. Through fast walking, the muscles on the body can be constantly exercised, so that the excess fat in the body can be burned into the energy needed during fast walking, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss

Choose sports according to the crowd

autumn sports suitable for teenagers

(1) football

Regular kicking can alleviate cervical discomfort, and large-scale movements can promote the straight sending of the back. Long term kicking can improve the cervical discomfort caused by children’s long-term learning

(2) Basketball

When playing basketball, children are in a very active stage of thinking. Some changeable, fast and extremely unstable on the basketball court can stimulate children’s on-the-spot adaptability. As long as motor skills rely on the coordination of nervous system and skeletal muscle organization, memory, thinking, perception and imagination are not only the embodiment of nervous system, but also the development mode of intelligence. When teenagers play basketball, with the continuous strengthening and proficiency of skills, children’s thinking will become more and more developed and agile

(3) Long distance running

When teenagers are running, the pressure on the long bones of both legs is very conducive to bone growth, which not only helps to increase height, but also enhances physical function. Long term running exercise has the following benefits for teenagers

Autumn sports for adults

(1) walk fast

The cool climate in autumn is a good time to go fast. Walking fast in autumn can not only achieve the effect of slimming down, but also have obvious effects on strengthening the body. And this way will be more favored by MM people in autumn because of effective short-term exercise. Generally, the exercise time of fast walking is only half an hour, which can play a good weight loss effect. During the process of fast walking, the fat on both legs and arms can also be quickly lost, so as to create a tight line of both legs and arms. Therefore, for MM who wants to lose weight quickly, walking fast in autumn is also a good way

(2) Ride a bike

Autumn is very suitable for travel, of course, it is also a good season for cycling, especially for you who want to lose weight. Cycling over hills, combining speed and speed, can consume more calories. Try cycling to lose weight quickly

It must be better to ride outdoors. The venue is open and free. There are also various roads, uphill slopes and curves, which are all ways of exercising during the cycling journey. Outdoor cycling can not only exercise, but also enjoy the scenery. How wonderful

(3) Badminton

Badminton has very small restrictions on the venue, so badminton can be played anytime and anywhere, which can not only reduce weight and weight, but also strengthen the body to a certain extent

(4) Jogging

Jogging is an ideal sport in autumn, which can enhance blood circulation, improve cardiac function, improve the oxygen supply of blood and cells in the brain, reduce cerebral arteriosclerosis, and make the brain work normally. Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, and contribute to bodybuilding and weight loss

Autumn sports suitable for the elderly

(1) Taijiquan

The abdominal breathing required by Taijiquan is twice as effective in nourishing the lungs. Abdominal breathing of Taijiquan, especially reverse abdominal breathing, can increase the rise and fall range of transverse septum, improve vital capacity, improve respiratory function, and ensure the normal progress of gas exchange and metabolism. Practice has proved that for every centimeter of diaphragm decline, about 350 ml more air can be inhaled. At the same time, abdominal breathing can stretch the chest muscles, exercise the elasticity of lung lobes, and increase the expansion and contraction range

This breathing mode plays a very important role in the treatment of emphysema, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, cough, phlegm and other diseases, and can effectively enhance the elasticity of lung tissue; When exhaling, the alveoli can be fully contracted, which can eliminate the excessive expansion of alveoli, reduce a large amount of residual air accumulated in the lungs, reduce carbon dioxide retention, and benefit the intake of oxygen. At the same time, abdominal breathing is also a kind of exercise for the diaphragm. The diaphragm will be thickened from thin to strong, and the range of activity will increase from small to large, which can effectively improve the respiratory function

(2) Square dance

Square dance is a new era of sports and entertainment for the elderly. Dancing square dance can not only enrich the life of the elderly, but also promote physical and mental health and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and stroke

(3) Aerobics

Elderly aerobics has a strong sense of rhythm, moderate amount of exercise, fitness and edify sentiment. Exercise all parts of the body comprehensively. That is, exercise the muscles of the whole body and activate all joints. Beautiful music has a good effect on the nervous system. The activity is carried out in the state of aerobic metabolism, which is beneficial to internal organs. It also strengthens the body, reduces weight and dispels diseases

Choose sports according to the weather

autumn sports suitable for sunny days

(1) walking in the water

Walking in the water is similar to swimming. Because of the buoyancy of the water, the burden on the body is very small. People who don’t usually exercise can do it easily! When walking in the water, the stimulation of water on the body can exercise the parts that cannot be moved by land sports at ordinary times, and can consume 210 calories per hour

(2) Mountain climbing

Climbing the mountain can make the muscles get 10 times more oxygen than usual, so as to increase the protein in the blood, increase the number of immune cells, enhance immunity, and help the carcinogens, harmful substances, toxins, etc. in the body to be discharged in time. Mountain climbing lasting more than 20 minutes is considered aerobic exercise

(3) Ice climbing

Ice climbing, developed from rock climbing, is a required subject for climbing high mountains and snowy mountains, and one of the basic skills of mountaineering

(4) Cycling

It must be better to ride outdoors. The venue is open and free. There are also various roads, uphill slopes and curves, which are all ways of exercising during the cycling journey. Outdoor cycling can not only exercise, but also enjoy the scenery. How wonderful

Autumn sports suitable for rainy days

(1) treadmill

You can also do aerobic exercise indoors. The treadmill is the most popular indoor aerobic fitness exercise. The amount of exercise is not very large, but it can consume 325 calories per hour! If you don’t have a treadmill at home, you can pile it up with a wooden box or magazines and trample up and down the ground, but you should pay attention to safety

(2) Indoor bicycle

Bicycle can be said to be a very common mode of transportation in our daily life, but as an aerobic exercise for weight loss and fitness, it has also been popular in recent years. The advantage of riding a bicycle is that the level and range of exercise have great tension, which can be adjusted by yourself. For example, riding a bike slowly and easily can consume 210 kcal; If the speed is accelerated and the intensity is increased, the calorie consumption can reach 420 kcal, which can be increased twice! And as a means of walking, it is extremely convenient to exercise at any time

(3) Floor movement

The simplest weight-loss exercises are push ups and sit ups, and they are two kinds of weight-loss exercises that will not be out of date. Push ups can exercise the chest, abdomen and arm muscles, while sit ups mainly exercise the waist and abdomen

(4) Climb stairs

Jogging along the stairs is a good aerobic exercise. The specific method is to climb up 6-12 steps at the fastest speed, rest for 2-3 minutes after each run, and repeat this exercise constantly. If you want to exercise your legs, you can also try to skip one step at a time, and the weight loss effect is better

Autumn gym fitness project

balance board

exercises people’s balance ability, does not increase the burden on respiratory organs, and is a popular shaping course. With the simplest instrument to help grasp the direction of muscle force and improve control, it is very helpful to shape the two key parts of the waist and thigh. The balance board is a shaking board, which can be used to train the balance function of patients. Usually, the length of the panel is 60 ~ 180 cm, the width is 60 ~ 90 cm, and the height of the panel from the ground is 10 ~ 16 cm. It is composed of the upper panel and the lower arc board. Some balance boards have a hemisphere at the lower part, so it is difficult to grasp this balance

The term yoga

appears too often in the field of sports and fitness, which makes people bored. However, there is no way. It has been touted by the media, and now it has the insistence of hard core yoga fans. Its enthusiasm can be seen in fitness gyms and gyms. In a small survey, when the questioner mentioned the term “Yoga”, almost no one did not know it. The combination of posture, breathing and meditation makes it not only a meditation, meditation or difficult soft body movements, but also a natural maintenance science that focuses on the inner world and guides behavior through consciousness. Yoga has been performed to the extreme since it originated and spread in ancient India. Various schools gather in Beijing to compete for innovative terms. Yoga, such as high temperature, rope and running water, all exercise bones, muscles, ligaments and regulate internal organs step by step in the stretching, stretching, twisting and balancing of limbs, which are completely homologous

Barbell exercises

everyone can choose barbell pieces of different weights according to their own physical conditions. The main action of the exercise is to repeatedly move the barbell up and down in front of the chest, then lift it over the head on the back, and repeatedly lift it up and down behind the back. Usually, barbell exercises use a standardized training method to carry out a series of free weight-bearing exercises, which can enable trainers to obtain more passion from group barbell training

Pedal exercise

pedal exercise is a medium-intensity exercise, which combines the step exercise in physical fitness test with the action and step of aerobics, and is completed on a special pedal. The pedal is usually 100 cm long, 35 cm wide and 8 cm high. The height of the pedal is adjusted according to the level of exercise, pedal technology and the curvature of the knee joint. Fitness workers can effectively and actively control the effective intensity of exercise to lose weight. The most basic action of pedal exercise is to go up and down the board. The hip muscles can be fully massaged, which is particularly good for people who sit and work for a long time. It can make the hips tighter and stronger while improving the shape of the thighs. Through a variety of up and down movements with rotation and jumping, we can achieve the exercise of cardiopulmonary function. In the process of moving the center of gravity, the waist and abdomen can be effectively exercised


Pilates training will make people have strong central strength. Through the exercise of the core parts of the body, the spine becomes soft and elastic, beautifying the body and strengthening the function of body organs at the same time. During the training, the muscles become slender and smooth, and the movements focus on “stretching and lengthening”, emphasizing the control process in stillness, and following the method of “low-intensity multiple counting”, so that the muscles are full of elasticity without increasing the circumference

Autumn gym exercise process

(1) preparation

Carbohydrate supplement is more important. Eat something 30 minutes in advance, and you will feel more energetic when doing exercise. Many girls think that they should not eat to lose weight. However, if they are not enough energy for fat metabolism, the effect of weight loss will be greatly affected

People who lose weight can eat dinner twice before and after exercise

(2) Stretch

The purpose of stretching before exercise is to reduce the viscosity of muscles, increase the blood flow of exercise muscle groups, improve exercise performance, and reduce the occurrence of sports injuries

(3) Strength exercise

Primary bodybuilders: when practicing strength, we should focus on equipment training, supplemented by free weight. Because the fixed equipment has a certain movement track, it is easier to master, and the muscle group will feel better

General bodybuilders: they can first do strength exercises for 20~45 minutes, and then do aerobic exercises for 20~45 minutes. The overall fitness time is controlled at about 1 hour

Intermediate and advanced trainers: they can appropriately extend the training time or improve the training intensity according to their own needs

(4) Finishing movement

Mainly stretching. The method is static stretching, don’t bounce up and down

Each part can be repeated 2-3 times, each time for 15-30 seconds

In addition, in the process of instrument training, the target muscles should also be stretched between groups

(5) Bathing and dressing

Don’t rush to take a bath after training, take a rest for a while, and wait until you stop sweating. Use warm water for bathing

The most likely place to have problems in the gym is the sauna room. After intensive training, a large amount of blood has flowed into the muscles. At this time, when steaming the sauna, the internal and brain blood and oxygen supply are relatively insufficient, which is prone to danger

(6) Nutritious meal

Generally, a small meal should be added after exercise. It mainly supplements a small amount of protein, carbohydrates and minerals with high glycemic index

General knowledge of autumn exercise regimen

(1) careful anaerobic exercise

The weather turns cooler in autumn. Explosive anaerobic exercise is easy to cause physical discomfort and even exercise damage. Therefore, when exercising, we must pay attention to aerobic exercise with small range of exercise and large heat consumption. Young people can arrange high impact aerobic exercises such as running, which can consume more calories; Middle aged people can arrange low impact aerobic exercises such as fast walking, jogging and climbing stairs; The elderly can arrange walking, yoga, Taijiquan and other projects

(2) Grasp the temperature

The temperature changes in autumn, which is easy to bring physiological and psychological effects. Some people often feel inexplicably depressed and sad, tired and irritable, and their energy declines. Expert advice: exercise when you are depressed and depressed. Light will increase the burden of organs, heavy will damage the function of the body, so it is best to choose to exercise in a state of full spirit

(3) Choose the right place to run

Please choose the right place to run in autumn. If you jog on Linyin Avenue, breathing fresh air is conducive to human health. Because there are more and more busy roads in the city now, don’t choose to exercise beside the road. In fact, this is very unhealthy. Because of the dry climate in autumn, the dust is easy to fly up, causing air pollution. Running on the road will increase lung capacity, and will absorb more dust and harmful gases from cars. Thus, it brings harm to the body invisibly. Therefore, it is better to choose a quiet and clean place such as the park for morning running and exercise, rather than jogging along the road

(4) Keep warm during exercise

Many people believe that once people exercise, they will not feel cold and only wear thin T-shirts to exercise. In fact, when the human body produces more heat during outdoor exercise, it is only in the middle, and it is very vulnerable to the influence of external temperature before and after exercise. When exercising outdoors, you should wait for your body to get hot before taking off your coat, and put it on in time after exercise. If you wear sweaty clothes and stay in the autumn wind, you are very likely to catch a cold. In terms of the material selection of sportswear, many people think that pure cotton clothes are comfortable and sweat absorbent, but in fact, polypropylene material with relatively good permeability will be more suitable

(5) Consider your age

For autumn sports, people of different ages should choose different time periods to travel. People of all ages should choose the time period of activity according to their physical condition. Due to their strong adaptability to the weather, young people have better physique and faster physical recovery. Autumn sports time can be arranged in the morning and afternoon; Middle aged people have poor adaptability. They can work between 18 and 20 o’clock after work. During this period, the body and mind are relatively relaxed; The exercise time of the elderly should generally be selected from 14:00 to 15:00. They are in poor health. They choose the time with the highest temperature and sunshine to exercise, which is easier to open, thus sparing physical damage

(6) Choose the right equipment

Proper sports equipment will make sports easier and labor-saving, and also avoid many accidents. The choice of sports equipment must vary according to people, places and purposes, and the situation and weather changes of the destination should be evaluated. Especially for long-distance and difficult sports, we must be fully prepared and strive to be prepared

(7) Choose a good time and replenish water appropriately

The appropriate time should be selected for sports hydration, which is generally considered from three time periods. Replenish water before, during and after exercise. Experts suggest that 500 ml of water should be added 2 hours before exercise to make the cells in the body reach the best hydration state; Prepare for exercise, and enough time can expel the excess water in the body through urine, so you can go to battle light. When you sweat a lot during exercise, you should take a systematic method to replenish water. That is, replenish water every 10 to 30 minutes, with 200 ml to 250 ml of water each time. Replenish water after exercise, cultivate the habit of recording weight before and after exercise, and obtain the amount of sweat lost during exercise. However, it must be emphasized that the water replenishment after exercise is not to replenish as much as you lose, but to replenish more than lose water in order to restore the water balance of the body

(8) Prepare for activities

It is very important to do preparatory activities before sports. Because people’s muscles and ligaments will reflexively cause vasoconstriction and viscosity increase in autumn when the temperature is low, the range of joint activity will be reduced, the extension of ligaments will be reduced, and the command ability of the nervous system to muscles will also be reduced without preparatory activities. If the preparation activities are not fully done before exercise, it will cause joint ligament strain, muscle strain, etc., which will seriously affect daily life, Exercise has become a kind of injury instead

(9) Avoid excessive exercise

In autumn, the excitability of human nervous system will increase, and the physiological function tends to be active and strengthened. But don’t exercise too much. It’s easy to sprain your muscles and bones, which will affect your work and life. Especially the middle-aged and elderly people should master the exercise time and intensity, and do not exceed the load of the body. Generally speaking, the exercise time of middle-aged and elderly people should not exceed 1.5 hours each time. When exercising, I feel that my body is a little hot and sweaty, and I feel relaxed and comfortable after exercise. This is the standard of moderation

(10) Replenish water after exercise

After exercise, you should drink more boiled water and eat more soft foods such as sugarcane, pear, apple, milk, sesame, fresh vegetables, etc. to maintain the normal secretion of upper respiratory tract mucosa and prevent sore throat. If you sweat too much during exercise, you can add a small amount of salt to the boiled water to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body and prevent muscle spasm. Supplement with a small amount, many times and slow drinking as the criterion. In addition, if you are doing long-distance running exercise, you should also drink an appropriate amount of sugar boiled water to prevent hypoglycemia, dizziness, sweating, limb fatigue and other adverse physiological reactions

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