what to wear inside the Khaki coat

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the Khaki coat is a very common coat in this season. The color of khaki is a very versatile color, and it is also more seasonal. Many people don’t quite understand how to wear the Khaki coat inside, and bring several methods to everyone

what to match with a khaki coat

matching with a sweater

a khaki coat is not only limited to matching with some very formal items, but also can be matched with casual items. For example, matching a sweater inside and wearing a pair of jeans underneath makes the overall style very casual. The sweater is a very personalized item. With the popularity of mix and match style, it is popular to match various coats outside the sweater to make you fashionable in an instant

matching dress

autumn and winter clothes don’t have to be boring. Choosing a printed dress will make you more eye-catching. The elements of printing give play to a very fashionable retro feeling on the skirt. Khaki and retro colors are specially matched, which is very tasty. Without words, you can know how introverted you are

matching with white shirts

white shirts always give people a serious feeling, so we can use the retro and casual khaki to neutralize the rigidity of white shirts in the process of wearing. The white shirt is matched with khaki windbreaker, which is colorful but not fancy and full of charm

Khaki coat with wide leg pants

if you think the coat is boring and old-fashioned? You might as well wear it with wide leg pants. The wide leg pants do not choose the leg type or the person, and they are very capable and tough. If you wear them with gray wide leg pants inside the Khaki coat, it will not only be fashionable, but also the wide pants legs and hem can create a sense of hierarchy, which is very impressive to wear

Khaki coat with pencil pants

if you want to look thin, wear it with pencil pants. Pencil pants are versatile and practical. Every little fairy has several pencil pants in her wardrobe. Khaki coat with black or white pencil pants will not make mistakes, but also shape the legs of birds. The combination of khaki and black can give the whole body a sense of weight. It is a neutral and handsome color. If khaki is matched with white, both of them are light tones. The overall tone is relatively bright, and white and black have the most elegant feminine temperament

Khaki jacket matches with the sweater. The sweater is a very popular dress now. It is very fashionable to match a hooded sweater with the Khaki jacket. The Khaki jacket matches the dress. The dress with printing elements matches the Khaki jacket, which is very retro and fashionable

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