General Knowledge Of Choosing Fitness Clothes How To Choose Summer Fitness Clothes

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Abstract: now more and more people are doing fitness exercises, and a variety of fitness clothes are also displayed in major shopping malls and stores. We must choose fitness clothes according to our own body shape. We can’t blindly pursue good-looking clothes. When choosing fitness clothes, we should take into account the temperature changes around fitness, and we should also choose different types of fitness clothes in different environments

how to choose summer fitness clothes

1. Choose

How to choose fitness clothes? When choosing fitness clothes, you should choose according to your own body shape. Height, obesity and thin have requirements for the choice of fitness clothes. For people who are overweight, they will sweat a lot and lose more water in the process of exercise and fitness. Therefore, the fitness clothes should be in a loose style with strong water absorption, so as to avoid getting hotter when sweating and cover the shortcomings of fat body

2. Choose

The choice of fitness clothes should also take into account the temperature changes around the fitness, because in the process of fitness, the human body itself will consume a lot of energy, which will also make the body temperature higher. If the temperature in the fitness environment is higher, wearing a loose and lightweight fitness clothes will help to dissipate heat. If the temperature around the fitness is low, you should choose fitness clothes that save body heat to avoid physical injury during the fitness process

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3. Choose

The choice of fitness clothes also depends on what kind of place you go to for fitness. Now many friends will go to the gym for exercise. Because there are many gym equipment, choosing too loose and fat fitness clothes is easy to hang on the equipment, so it is suitable to choose slim fitness clothes for fitness in the gym

4. Choose

There are many fitness programs, among which yoga is more popular among women. If you choose Yoga Fitness clothes, you need clothes of self-cultivation style, because too loose clothes are easy to walk away, and the action is not in place, which affects the fitness effect

5. Top selection skills

Bra style top: it is not suitable for women with too large breasts. On the contrary, it is the patent of Petite breasts, which is more suitable and supportive

Vest style: generally, it can be divided into medium and long lengths. The former exposes the navel, while the latter covers the waist, which is suitable for girls with slight protrusion of the stomach or some loose skin. In the gym, many people slowly wear it from full length to medium length, and then change it into a bra vest to show their fitness achievements one after another

Thin shoulder belt vest: there are more and more kinds, and the colors are also competitive. Its purpose is to increase the visual weight, especially suitable for petite girls

Multi element sports tops: some styles are almost the same as the cute ones in fashion. Thin shoulder straps and hollow vests can be found everywhere, but with the addition of lycra and fast sweat wicking technical materials, these vests have the strength of support and comfort. In order to make the movement process more pleasing to the eye, we should make full use of details such as cutting and color to create a beautiful curve with concave and convex, which looks beautiful and makes the movement more exciting

6. Shorts selection skills

Shorts and trousers: most women in the gym wear the most basic and common way

Cropped trousers: in recent years, there are more and more cropped and cropped trousers, and they are mainly tight. In order to effectively modify the leg shape, many 7-point and full-length sweatpants have been modified into low waist and small horn versions. If you practice the round hip shape, the wearing effect is better than the jeans known as hip lifting and leg repair. At the same time, Capris are more agile than pants, and cover a larger area than shorts, which is more and more favored by girls

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