What Is The Meaning Of “A” In “A” Hot Pants? Which One Looks Good, A “Hot Pants Or” H “Hot Pants

Abstract: there are many types of hot pants. A-shaped hot pants are one of the most common types. The waist of this kind of hot pants is smaller than the waist. When folded, the whole shape is like a trapezoid, and the pants legs are generally inclined. In addition to A-type hot pants, there is another type of hot pants: H-type hot pants. Compared with the two, A-type hot pants are more sexy, but relatively suitable for a single style. They also have higher requirements for body shape and are more expensive. Which is better than H-type hot pants mainly depends on personal body ratio and dressing style. Let’s take a look at a-word hot pants< p> I. what does “a” in “a” hot pants mean?

Wearing a pair of hot pants in summer can show your long legs. Speaking of hot pants, many female friends have heard of a-word hot pants when they buy hot pants, but they don’t know what a-word hot pants are. What does a-word hot pants mean

In fact, the “a” hot pants are a type of hot pants, also known as “a” hot pants. It is characterized by a smaller waist than the waist, wide legs or straight legs. When folded, the whole shape is like a trapezoid, and the legs are generally inclined

A-line hot pants generally have three kinds of elastic fabrics, non elastic fabrics (by changing the design of the waist, such as designing folds and flower pleats at the waist to achieve the effect of tightening, so as to create the effect of A-line hot pants) and trapezoidal splicing fabrics

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II. Which one looks good, A-shaped hot pants or H-shaped hot pants

Among the versions of hot pants, A-shaped hot pants and H-shaped hot pants are two common types. Which is better, A-shaped hot pants or H-shaped hot pants

1. From the aspect of wearing effect, A-shaped hot pants can show the waist curve better than H-shaped hot pants, showing more figure and being more feminine; H-type hot pants are more neutral. They have no effect on modifying the waist hip curve, but can improve the waistline. They don’t look so sexy

2. In terms of style matching, the matching style of a-word hot pants is relatively simple, mainly with sexy and hot tops and shoes; H-type hot pants can make the style neutral and convergent, and better match with other styles of clothes

3. From the point of view of fitness, A-shaped hot pants have higher requirements for fitness, which are more suitable for people with good hips, and will show more beautiful curves of waist and hips; H-type hot pants have relatively low requirements for body shape. However, H-type hot pants are not suitable for people with large hips and thin waists. Otherwise, it is easy to have gaps in the waist or droop forward, and the pants will fall down if you move a few more steps

4. In terms of price, H-type hot pants are generally cheaper than A-type hot pants in the same store with similar fabrics. The main reason is that the plate making of H-type hot pants is relatively simple

Generally speaking, H-type hot pants and A-type hot pants have their own advantages. Which one is more beautiful actually depends on their own figure and dressing style

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