what kind of coat is suitable for a black dress

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a black dress is a versatile color. The dress is very good in other seasons except winter. Do you know what kind of coat is suitable for a black dress

what kind of jacket is suitable for a black dress

look1 blue denim jacket + T-shirt style black dress + small white shoes

this dress is made of a denim jacket + black dress + small white shoes. The dress is in the style of a black short round neck T-shirt, which can be worn directly in summer. If it is cold in the morning and evening, it can also be matched with a blue denim jacket, which is a casual but beautiful match

look2 apricot sweater knitted cardigan + black dress + Small Beige shoes

wearing a gentle black dress: I may be old, and I love the gentle style recently. The black dress improves my temperament yyds. The splicing design is very heavy. The loose version and pleated hem can well decorate my body. The weather is still a little cold sooner or later, so I chose the apricot sweater knitted cardigan as my coat, She wore Small Beige shoes on her feet

look3 Khaki suit coat + Black Satin Dress + white sneakers

this is a simple suit of Korean style. Zara basic silhouette suit is really a good mix and match. It is inexpensive and cost-effective. With black satin dress + sneakers, the satin dress has a long V-neck, and the overall proportion is also lengthened. I love this style very much

what kind of base socks should a black dress match

1. Black silk stockings can be matched with black silk stockings if the black skirt is made of lace fabric, which can better reflect the knowledge of the skirt and foil the skirt and people’s temperament

2. Thick black socks and small black skirts can unify the aesthetics of the fashion circle. The inclusiveness of black is basically applicable to girls of any style and route, so you can wear thick black socks of the same color in cold weather

3. Grey bottoming socks. Grey bottoming socks are suitable for black skirts. The color of grey is similar to black, and can also play a role in showing thin. Therefore, people with thick legs can choose grey bottoming socks

how to clean the dress

white silk dress, before washing, add borax to warm water for soaking, and then wash it with warm water plus a little ammonia, alcohol or a few drops of turpentine to avoid yellowing after washing. If you add a few lemon juice to the water to wash it, it will make it whiter

when washing, you should use high-grade laundry soap and neutral soap flakes to make soap liquid, immerse the clothes, scrub them, and then rinse them with clean water. Do not twist hard when clearing. The immersion time should not be too long. In order to make the silk fabric bright in color, add a little vinegar or sugar to the last clean water, and then soak the clothes for 5 minutes. After washing, it can maintain its original luster, and then take them out to dry in the shade

the whole method of wearing black dress with blue denim coat and white shoes is casual, good-looking and temperament. The apricot sweater cardigan is matched with black dress and beige small single shoes, which can gently reduce the age and decorate the body well

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