Women’s Pants Size Chart How To Measure Pants Length And Waist Circumference

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Abstract: many girls like to buy Pants online. They have various styles and can choose by themselves. But because I can’t see the real object and can’t wear it personally, I’m afraid the pants I bought are not the right size. What should I do? In fact, women’s pants have a size comparison chart. As long as we compare our height, weight, waist, hip and thigh circumference, we can know which size to choose. Now let’s take a look at the women’s pants size chart and pants size calculation method with Xiaobian

specific standards for women’s pants

Size 26 Pants: 1 ‘9 “, hip circumference: 2’ 6; Pants length: one meter and three (CM)

Size 27 Pants: 2 ‘0 “, hip circumference 2’ 7; Trousers length: one meter and five centimeters

Size 28 Pants: 2 feet 1 inch, hip circumference 2 feet 8: pants length: 1 meter 0.8 (CM)

PS: size 26-28 jeans are suitable for many people

Size 29 Pants: 2 feet 2 inches, hip circumference 2 feet 9

Size 30 Pants: 2 feet 3 inches, hip circumference 3 feet

Size 31 Pants: 2 feet 4 inches, hip circumference 3 feet 1

Size 32 Pants: 2 ‘5 “, hip circumference 3’ 2

Size 33 Pants: 2 feet 6 inches, hip circumference 3 feet 3

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how to calculate the size of pants

How to measure the side length of trousers: the length from the waist to the bare feet is the side length of trousers

How to measure waist circumference: the horizontal waist circumference of the umbilical point (OM)

Calculation method of standard waist circumference: waist circumference = 1/2 of height minus 19 cm (for example, standard waist circumference of 160cm height =160cm /2-19=61cm)

How to measure hip circumference: first put the soft ruler at the most prominent place of the hip, and then cross its two ends towards the most prominent direction of the abdomen to measure the hip circumference

How to choose a suitable size: for example, 155 is the height. Customers can choose according to their height. 66 and 66 are waist circumference

pants size and cm

Inch for centimeter – 1 inch =2.54 cm (26 inches x2.54 cm =66 cm)

Cm for CM – 1 cm =3.3 cm (2 cm x3.3 cm =66 cm)

women’s pants size comparison chart

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