How Long Are The Cropped Pants? Are The Cropped Pants Above The Knee? Which Is Longer, The Cropped Pants Or The Shorts

Abstract: quintiles are pants half the length of standard pants, also known as half pants. The normal length is about the knee position of people. The specific length may vary according to different versions. Under normal circumstances, the cropped pants are a little to the knee or above the knee, but the knee. Cropped pants are a kind of shorts. However, compared with the commonly mentioned shorts, cropped pants are slightly longer. If you think the shorts are too short and inappropriate, you can choose to wear cropped pants. Let’s take a look at how long the cropped pants are< p> how long are the 1 / 5 pants

The cropped pants are a kind of pants that are often worn in summer. Both boys and girls can wear them. They are cool. Many friends may not know where the cropped pants are. Let’s introduce them to you

Generally speaking, taking the standard trousers as the standard, the quarter length trousers refer to the trousers up to a few tenths of the length of the trousers, and the quarter length trousers are 5/10 of the length of the trousers. Therefore, they are also called half trousers, and the trousers about the knee of the human body are quarter trousers. The specific length is different due to the different types of pants produced by different brands. For example, if you usually wear the fitting pants with a length of 100cm, the length of the suitable pants is about 50cm

are the quarter length pants above the knee

The length of the cropped pants is not fixed. It is about to the knee. Is the cropped pants over the knee

The cropped pants are a kind of shorts, but they are slightly longer than ordinary shorts. Usually, the length of the cropped pants will not exceed the knee. They are probably at the knee or a little on the knee. They are very suitable for summer. They are of moderate length, not inappropriate and cool

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which is longer, the cropped pants or shorts

Although cropped pants are a kind of shorts, there is still a certain difference between cropped pants and cropped pants in the traditional sense. Which is longer

Generally speaking, shorts mainly refer to pants that cover the lower body to the thigh, while the cropped pants will reach the knee, so shorts should be shorter than the cropped pants. Many friends think it is inconvenient to wear shorts in summer, which is not in line with their personality. But if they want to wear them cooler, they can consider wearing cropped pants

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